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Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Legal Consultants
The most essential part of the trademark creation process, even before thinking about the tactics and strategies to follow, is to find the core idea behind your business's branding. The reason is primarily...
Chambersfield Economides Kranos
In the era of innovation, digitalisation and tough competition, trademarks constitute a key form of intellectual property right for the global business market.
Hong Kong
Spruson & Ferguson
Major reforms to the patent system with the introduction of the original grant patent system.
Dennemeyer Group
Can "Fack Ju Göhte," the title of one of the most successful German comedy movies in recent times, be registered as a European mark?
Dennemeyer Group
Although DIAMS iQ is the pinnacle of Dennemeyer's IP software, other solutions were designed to communicate with our main product and to be provided as complementary services.
Dennemeyer Group
Dennemeyer Octimine is an innovative startup in the field of IP search and analytics.
Dennemeyer Group
If you are leading a busy Intellectual Property department or working as a paralegal, you probably often find yourself looking for better ways to manage your organization's portfolio.
Dennemeyer Group
On the last day of March, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Director Andrei Iancu issued a pair of notices regarding the waiver of timing deadlines related to both trademark and patent-related documents and fees.
Dennemeyer Group
Everybody active in R&D knows that there are situations when progress seems to be too slow or the evolution becomes stuck along the way.
Dennemeyer Group
There has always been a complicated relationship - some might say contentious - between antitrust, or competition laws, and legislation designed to protect Intellectual Property.
Dennemeyer Group
In the circles of Intellectual Property law, certain classes of IP protection are continuously discussed, while others do not come up anywhere near as frequently.
Dennemeyer Group
Any business that wants to be successful in the 21st century will need to spend a reasonable amount of time discerning where Intellectual Property fits into its business plans.
Gauci-Maistre Xynou Legal |Assurance
There is no quibbling when it comes to applying IP enforcement measures
United Arab Emirates
STA Law Firm
STA's renowned Intellectual Property team has progressed with the second series of the Q&A on Patent Laws in the UAE based on popular demand by pundits in the intellectual property sphere.
United Trademark & Patent Services
As Saudi Arabia continues to move forward with Vision 2030, the government has made a further step in unifying the body responsible for Intellectual Property matters.
United Trademark & Patent Services
The UAE government has made the decision to reduce fees with regards to services that are offered by the Ministry of the Economy, including Trademark related services.
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
In Oman, the registration, use and enforcement of trademarks is regulated by the Law of Industrial Property Rights, promulgated under Royal Decree No. 67/2008, the ("IP Law"). The Ministry of Commerce
Clyde & Co
Following the reduction of official fees in July 2019, the UAE Trade Mark Office has now announced a further fee reduction, which applies across the majority of filing, prosecution
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
In line with other economic relief measures implemented by the UAE Government, the UAE Cabinet issued the Ministerial Decree number 20-2020, ...
Dennemeyer Group
The timely payment of maintenance fees is crucial to ensuring that a patent application stays active until a notice of allowance is issued to the applicant.
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