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Legalstone Solicitors
The introduction of new taxes on the gaming industry in Ghana, as outlined in the Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2023, involves the imposition of a withholding tax on winnings and a tax on Gross Gaming Revenue.
Legalstone Solicitors
Starting a business in Ghana involves several steps and adherence to legal procedures.
Legalstone Solicitors
Ghana is endowed with abundant natural resources, which have played a key role in the development efforts of the country.
Legalstone Solicitors
The dissolution of an ordinance marriage in Ghana falls under the governance of the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1971 (Act 367) and the Marriages Act, 1884-1985.
Legalstone Solicitors
In Ghana, the annulment of marriage is a legal process deeply rooted in the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1971 (Act 367), and the Marriages Act, 1884-1985, CAP 127.
Legalstone Solicitors
The procedure for exporting gold by licensed gold exporters (LGE) in Ghana involves several steps to ensure compliance with regulations.
AXIS Fiduciary Ltd
The Economic Development Board of Mauritius (EDB) led a delegation to the 26th Africa Tech Festival in Cape Town from November 14-16, 2023.
This was an application for leave to appeal outside delay made by Metatron Global Fund and Metatron Global Asset Managers Ltd (Metatron) against a judgment whereby they were ordered...
Pavestones Legal
As startups scale, founders often face a harsh reality—losing control and ownership of the company they birthed to external factors like investors and funding endeavors.
Explore how work-life balance profoundly impacts employee performance within the consulting industry. Our experts analyze its influence and offer practical strategies for achieving a harmonious equilibrium.
The Trusted Advisors
Corporate restructuring may be described as the process of rearranging a company's finances, operations, and management to improve its efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.
The Trusted Advisors
In recent years, blockchain technology and smart contracts have emerged as revolutionary tools with the potential to reshape the landscape of legal transactions.
Tayo Oyetibo LP
In Nigeria disputes between banks and their customers are typically resolved through litigation in the courts.
Saudi Arabia
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
As Saudi Arabia continues to align its economic framework with Vision 2030, significant proposed changes to the Income Tax Law (ITL) and related regulations have been introduced for public consultation.
South Africa
Consolidated Employers Organisation
Severance pay in South African labour legislation is primarily governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) and the Labour Relations Act (LRA).
Consolidated Employers Organisation
The National Minimum Wage Act (NMWA) has been a significant milestone in the pursuit of social and economic justice for vulnerable workers in South Africa.
United Arab Emirates
Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy
Under the UAE laws, assault is classified as a criminal offence, carrying penalties, all guided by the UAE Penal Code under Federal Law No. 31/2021.
Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy
The UAE has long been known as a tax-free Country, attracting investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.
Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy
Renting a property is a common arrangement in Dubai, with many residents and businesses leasing real estate for various purposes.
Mayer Brown
In this blog post, we provide responses to frequently asked questions about travel and mobility resources for foreign nationals in Israel, including US citizens.
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