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Dorda Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Erwirbt jemand ein Unternehmen im Wege einer Gesamtrechtsnachfolge – etwa per Share Deal oder Verschmelzung – übernimmt er vollinhaltlich alle Rechten und Pflichten.
Elias Neocleous & Co LLC
Keeping Up With The Cyprus Private Client Sector
Jersey and Guernsey have been ranked within the four most favoured jurisdictions by advisers to Middle Eastern families seeking wealth management and succession solutions outside the region. Why is this?
As a family's wealth increases and its members become increasingly globalised, Lynda O'Mahoney demonstrates how an experienced private wealth service provider can support a family to protect...
Dixcart Group Limited
Our topic today is wealth management the impact of recent economic trends and suggested solutions.
Ganado Advocates
Through this discussion paper, published on the 28th of October, the MFSA seeks to bolster growth in the asset management industry.
CMS Pasquier Ciulla Marquet Pastor Svara & Gazo
L'ouverture d'un compte bancaire s'analyse en la conclusion d'un contrat, nécessitant que la personne qui le souscrit dispose de la capacité juridique.
CMS Pasquier Ciulla Marquet Pastor Svara & Gazo
The act of opening a bank account induced the conclusion of a contract, requiring that the person opening it has his/her full legal capacity.
L'offerta della piazza finanziaria elvetica è tradizionalmente bipartita tra una prospettiva statica, volta alla mera detenzione della ricchezza, ed una dinamica...
Ahmet Yum
Asset Management Companies have taken their place in the financial market within the scope of the "Banking Sector Restructuring Program"
Giambrone & Partners
Globalisation is expanding in many directions, not just in the commercial sector, individuals also recognise the benefits of a global portfolio. It is becoming increasingly common for British nationals to...
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
Families are complex entities. They are an interconnected web of personal relationships and economic interests that result in affection, bargaining, and sometimes hostility often in equal measure and sometimes simultaneously.
Dixcart Group Limited
Each of the Dixcart offices has an Asset Protection and Trust Team, providing a variety of wealth management services as detailed below.
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
Wealth and responsibility do, in many ways, go hand in hand. Indeed, wealthy families are not so very different from any other family, with a 'biological' responsibility centred on health...
BCL Solicitors LLP
Confiscation law can be hard to understand, even for lawyers.
Dixcart Group Limited
Following consultation with industry in 2020, the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) has updated its Private Investment Fund Regime (PIF), to expand the available PIF options.
Dixcart Group Limited
This is the second in a three-part series we have produced on Foundations, building up to a webinar hosted by experts who can help you to meet your clients' needs.
Dixcart Group Limited
This Article begins by reviewing a number of generic reasons to use a foundation and then considers the specific characteristics and benefits that can be provided by a Malta foundation.
Dixcart Group Limited
This webinar will consider the recent economic trends that have had the greatest impact on high net worth individuals, during the past year.
Dillon Eustace
During the last thirty-five years Ireland has become a major hub for cross-border distribution and is one of the leading EU "exporting" jurisdictions for investment funds...
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