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In many articles where experts present their country and services through various topics in their comfort zone, one often finds that it is about tax benefits, social benefits, subsidies and so on, and always for prosperous companies ...
KPMG in Cyprus
Η Στατιστική Υπηρεσία ανακοινώνει ότι είναι διαθέσιμα τα τελικά στοιχεία για το ...
KPMG in Cyprus
Ο Εναρμονισμένος Δείκτης Τιμών Καταναλωτή τον Μάρτιο 2022 αυξήθηκε κατά 6,2% ...
European Union
Maples Group
On 11 May 2022, the European Commission published draft EU legislation to introduce further interest limitation rules across the EU.
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
The specialised investment fund ("SIF") was first introduced by the Law of 13 February 2007 and has since enjoyed great success.
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
We are pleased to present the updated version of our brochure "The AIFMD and its implementation in Luxembourg". This brochure presents the Luxembourg Law of 12 July 2013...
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
The Law of 15 June 2004 introduced into Luxembourg law the investment company in risk capital (société d'investissement en capital à risque or "SICAR") which was conceived as...
Finance Malta
The pace of transformation in the global economy in recent years has been unprecedented. Rapid technological change coupled with successive crises, including a pandemic, ...
Finance Malta
The BOV Group delivered a Profit Before Tax of €22.0 million for the first quarter of 2022, up by €12.7 million from the same period in 2021.
Kesikli Law Firm
International carriage of goods by road is regulated mainly by the provisions of "Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road", abbreviated as CMR after the French title...
Guleryuz & Partners
Interim attachment is a provisional remedy under the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004 [ the "EBL" ] which individuals or legal entities can request for their monetary claims.
Guleryuz & Partners
International trade has grown exponentially, and international trade undoubtedly means international debt collection. Especially, while the number of financially distressed companies is rapidly increasing due to the
Guleryuz & Partners
Ticari ve iktisadi bütünlük kararı, esasen icra ve iflas hukukundan doğan bir müessese olmakla birlikte günümüzde sıklıkla Tasarruf Mevduatı Sigorta Fonu ["TMSF"] tarafından...
Guleryuz & Partners
Under Turkish law, despite the commercial and economic integrity decision is an institution arising from enforcement and bankruptcy law, today it comes to the fore mainly on the companies that are...
Guleryuz & Partners
As a result of the increasing global trade, the international debt collection has become a more important issue nowadays. Given that debt collection proceedings vary across countries, ...
Gorvins Solicitors
An ACAS poll has found that nearly one in five employers are likely to make staff redundancies this year.
PDT Solicitors
On the 6 May Adrian Smale, Associate Partner from Ernst & Young gave a well-received overview of tax considerations for property investors and developers as part of our 2022 Real Estate Seminar programme.
Wrigleys Solicitors
ONS estimates that "long Covid" symptoms have adversely affected the day-to-day activities of 1.2 million people in the UK.
Asset protection is one, if not the, key concern of virtually all Ocorian's clients and is often the rationale for establishing a trust. But how do you protect wealth against volatility through offshore trusts?
The current geo-political climate is contributing to the rapid rise to inflation rates in many countries around the world.
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