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Mathys & Squire
This could have a chilling effect on actions by UK litigants in Europe, particularly for startups and SMEs with limited funding.
Dillon Eustace
The Irish Government has been keen to demonstrate its support of the development and adoption of new technologies, including blockchain, as a way to encourage digitalisation and foster innovation.
This Horizon Tracker provides a snapshot of a selection of current, upcoming and proposed Irish and EU legislation.
Both trusts were created at the instigation of the father of three adult children, and were settled by relatives of the family.
Maples Group
While certain cross-border transactions were adversely affected by the pandemic (notably due to the disruption caused to industries such as aviation, hospitality, healthcare and retail) last year
Noncompetition may be viewed as two distinct types; as a non-compete commitment by an employee while an employment relation continues, and as a non-compete agreement, which takes effect upon the termination of a labor contract.
Garden Leave originated in the British civil service. Under this emerging practice, employees could request special leave and continue to receive a salary.
Ozbek Attorney Partnership
Son dönemdeki döviz kurlarındaki hareketlilikle birlikte enflasyonun yeniden yükselmeye başlaması konut ve çatılı işyeri kiralamalarında da kira bedellerinin yükselmesine neden olmuştur.
Gun + Partners
World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies features analysis and commentary by leading practitioners on key intellectual property legislation from jurisdictions throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia,...
In the last 12 months, certain regulations/decisions have been adopted to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic upon employees and employers.
Volterra Fietta
The Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean, adopted in Escazú, Costa Rica, on 4 March 2018, entered into force on 22 April 2021.
Volterra Fietta
The United Kingdom ("UK") is in the market for trade deals, with potential new benefits for a number of States and both inbound and outbound investors.
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
Buying a property is a complicated and stressful process. Although the majority of property transactions proceed without a hitch
Quadrant Chambers
In a judgment handed down this morning, the experienced former Admiralty Judge Sir Nigel Teare dismissed a claim, brought by the Owners of the PANAMAX ALEXANDER against the Owners of the ...
Hillier Hopkins
Of all the financial challenges and concerns that we face over our lifetimes, avoiding running out of money in retirement probably sits at the top of the list.
Hillier Hopkins
The late Jack Bogle – the founder of Vanguard left us all with a simple mantra that he repeated almost every time he wrote an article or gave an interview ‘costs matter'.
Hillier Hopkins
The war for talent is heating up and wage inflation is once again stalking businesses. What can employers do to manage and minimise that risk?
Wrigleys Solicitors
A look at the key structuring and decision making processes which are put in place for a successful employee owned business.
Mathys & Squire
Prior to this discovery, it was believed that just two types of catalysts were available: namely metal complexes and enzymes.
Volterra Fietta
Somewhat abruptly, the planet entered into a new and rapidly accelerating space race. Latin America and the Caribbean have decided to join that race.
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