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It has been widely reported that the stresses and pressures of the global pandemic have led to an increase in relationship breakdown and divorce.
Well that really depends on whether you are happy for your estate to pass in accordance with the law or in accordance with your own wishes – which may differ significantly!
Jones Myers
The tragic loss of life, challenges and restrictions resulting from the global pandemic have undoubtedly proved a turbulent and testing time for everyone.
Jones Myers
The thorny issue of how cohabitation affects divorce settlements can differ from case to case and have long-lasting monetary and lifestyle implications on a former spouse.
Giambrone & Partners
The anxieties and strain that the coronavirus pandemic has brought globally have been a significant factor in the increasing divorce levels that are being seen in countries across Europe.
Family Law Group
For the majority of people, their most significant asset is the family home. So, it is not surprising that when it comes to dealing with the financial consequences surrounding divorce...
Stevens & Bolton
The delays and inefficiencies in the family justice system have been well documented, as has the fact that the pandemic has made a bad situation worse.
A Cohabitation Agreement is effectively a legal agreement that can be put in place between parties who live together but are not married or in a civil partnership setting out how you both own the property you live in.
There is still only one ground for divorce, irretrievable breakdown. The Government may have confirmed that I intend to bring in a no-fault divorce system but we are still stuck with the old laws from the 70's.
Whatever stage of life you're at, a properly drafted Will is something you simply cannot afford to be without. It is nothing to be fearful of … nor is it simply another job on your ‘to do' list you can keep putting off!
Burgess Mee
In Part 1 of this blog series, I looked at why you should obtain legal advice before conceiving using donor gametes and how that affects legal parenthood. In Part 2 I will consider what happens if you...
Cleaver Fulton Rankin
It has been a difficult time for everyone since Coronavirus disrupted life dramatically back in March 2020. Even so, with the New Year upon us there will still be the usual talk of resolutions and...
Cleaver Fulton Rankin
Most of us have experienced significant change in our day to day lives since March 2020. The public health crisis has left many considering formal separation following years apart...
Cleaver Fulton Rankin
In the later stages of married life, it is increasingly common for couples to decide to separate. Whilst it is a difficult and emotional situation regardless of whose decision it is...
Cleaver Fulton Rankin
Parents are encouraged to agree child arrangements post separation so children spend quality time with both parents.
Cleaver Fulton Rankin
In January 2019 a number of media outlets reported the fact that thirteen people filed for divorce on Christmas Day in England and Wales.
Family Law Group
We sat down with Aimee Booth from our Derbyshire office to ask about her days, how she started her career, and what advice she can impart for individuals looking to start in law.
Jones Myers
Having undergone divorce and its practical and emotional challenges, taking control of your financial future is the next critical step.
Jones Myers
Many people mistakenly think that obtaining a divorce settlement - the final legal agreement between a husband and wife outlining the terms of the financial arrangements post-divorce - means going...
Jones Myers
The value of unpaid domestic work during a marriage - and how it should be measured in a divorce settlement – has been reaffirmed by a divorce case in Beijing.
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