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Clifford Gouldson Lawyers
While you may think it is easier to replicate a project builder's plans, you may infringe copyright in those plans.
Spruson & Ferguson
This decision has significant ramifications in relation to patents for computer implemented inventions.
Davies Collison Cave
In Australia and New Zealand, the prior art base for novelty of a patent claim includes complete applications with an earlier priority date, but which were published after the priority date of that claim.
Mayer Brown
In recent years, the Chinese government has implemented various measures to crack down on bad faith trade mark filings, including amending the Trade Mark Law in 2019...
《특허 우선 심사 관리 방법》은 산업 구조의 최적화와 업그레이드, 국가 지적재산권 전략 실시와 지적재산권 강국 건설, 서비스 혁신 구동 발전, 특허 1
캉신 상표부는 각...
最近、国家知識産権局(CNIPA)戦略計画司が発表した統計によると、質の高い「一帯一路」(the Belt and Road)共同建設の持続的な推進に伴い、中国と「Ç
The Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs Enters into Force in China...
We, Kangxin Partners, P.C., filed an opposition action against the trademark, KITION HOME (No. 43686494 in Class 25) ("the opposed mark") on behalf of CIRO PAONE S.P.A. ("Client") on September 30, 2020.
CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office
The Beijing High Court issued Guidelines on the Application of Punitive Damages in the Trial of Intellectual Property Infringement Civil Cases (the Guidelines) on April 25, 2022, in order to further standardize the application of ...
Chambers of P S Billimoria
The direct tax proposals in the recent Union Budget provide for allowing depreciation on intangible assets (which would now from a separate block of assets) at the rate of 25 per cent on written-down (that is, depreciated) value.
Obhan & Associates
If a patent application discloses any nucleotide or amino acid sequences, the description of the invention must contain a ‘sequence listing'. A sequence listing is a list of biological...
Photon legal
In today's day and age, we are constantly reinventing and innovating technology to stay relevant and to secure that competitive edge in the market.
ANM Global
Being recognised as a well-known mark either by Court and/or Trade Mark Registry is the rarest and strongest protection granted to any mark under the Trade Mark law and has a number of benefits.
Photon legal
The need to distinguish oneself and one's property has prevailed through the cave era where paintings were drawn on cave walls to not only communicate, or decorate, but also to establish ownership.
S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates
The Office of the United States Trade representatives (USTR) released its Special 301 Report on April 27, 2022, an annual review of the state of intellectual property (IP) protection...
S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates
Songs being played at religious ceremonies including wedding and other associated ceremonies such as Sangeet or Mehndi, have become a recurring theme and a trend across the country.
S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates
At the 12th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Geneva, Switzerland on June 17th, 2022, a politically significant deal to partially waive off...
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