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Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The decision to legalise cannabis has been sparked by a reclassification by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The NSW Government proposes to implement a new program, which would give some drug offenders a second chance.
Astor Legal
There are no products yet approved for sale, but low-dose cannabis oil can legally be purchased without a prescription.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
A patient who regularly uses medicinal cannabis to treat their ailments recently remarked about the delay in supply.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
A negative result in NZ is only a setback to reform; in Australia, it is now legal to smoke cannabis at home in Canberra.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The National Drug Strategy Household Survey indicates that more Australians support cannabis legalisation than oppose it.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The newly formed Legalise Cannabis Queensland Party announced that it will run candidates in the October 2020 election.
Colin Biggers & Paisley
Australian hemp exporters will have better access to markets in South-East Asia, China, Canada and the United States.
Ikigai Law
In this post, we unpack the history of the cannabis plant, and the FSSAI's acknowledgement of cannabis derivatives under the category of food.
Upscale Legal
Hemp, scientifically defined as Cannabis sativa, is a plant, each part of which can be put to use: the stalk, seeds, and flowers.
The usage of cannabis, hemp or marijuana precedes official records, and it is one of the oldest crops thought to have been cultivated.
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Tilleke & Gibbins
In recent years, many countries have begun exploring the pharmacological effects of the cannabis plant and the economic benefits of cannabis liberalization
Davies Collison Cave
Based on recent reports emerging from Malaysian news outlets[1],[2], the Malaysian Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, has unexpectedly indicated that the import and use of products containing cannabis for...
New Zealand
Minden Gross LLP
In two months, New Zealand will hold a referendum giving its residents the opportunity to weigh in on whether recreational use of cannabis should become legal in the country.
As the cannabis industry continues to grow globally, countries are increasingly exploring new legislation which aims to relax regulations
Tilleke & Gibbins
Cannabis and hemp have been classified as category 5 narcotics under the Narcotics Act since 1979. All activities related to the plants and their derivatives had been heavily restricted...
Tilleke & Gibbins
Recently enacted Thai legislation has removed Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as "kratom," from the list of controlled narcotics under the Narcotics Act B.E. 2522 (1972)...
Tilleke & Gibbins
Cannabis (both marijuana and hemp) has been classified as a Category 5 Narcotic since the enactment of the Narcotics Act in 1979.
Tilleke & Gibbins
On January 29, 2021, Thailand will begin processing applications for licenses to produce, import, export, distribute, and possess hemp.
Tilleke & Gibbins
To register such products with the Thai FDA, applicants must submit a certificate of analysis, safety data sheet, and label for the agency's evaluation.
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