Spruson & Ferguson
A 12-month grace period to file a design application after publication or use by the owner is now in effect in Australia.
Carroll & O'Dea
The plaintiff claimed damages for sexual abuse, allegedly while he was a student at St Joseph's School in Lismore.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
This bill provides patients who use medical cannabis with a defence for driving with traces of THC in their system.
Rostron Carlyle Rojas
The silence of an offeree, together with other circumstances of the case, may indicate that he has accepted the offer.
The focus of the Summit was tilted towards skills shortages, increasing migration caps and future adaptability.
Piper Alderman
focuses on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.
As with mandatory vaccination, it is open to employers to adopt policies that go beyond those prescribed by government.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
The University of Technology Sydney, Human Technology Institute, proposes a model law for facial recognition technology.
Dickinson Wright PLLC
If you ask most litigators which aspect of their practice keeps them awake at night, nine times out of ten, the answer will be missing a limitation period.
After a public consultation earlier this year, the anticipated amendments to the Canadian Payments Association's (operating as Payments Canada) Rule H1 – Pre-Authorized Debits...
Miller Thomson LLP
In Ontario Inc. v Northbridge General Insurance Corporation, 2022 ONCA 304, the Ontario Court of Appeal (the "Court of Appeal") highlighted the importance of succinctness in insurance contracts.
Cayman Islands
The Supreme Court in England in BTI v Sequana [2022] UKSC 25 has clarified when directors owe duties to the company that should take into account creditors' interests. The decision will be highly persuasive...
Fiona MacAdam has recently featured on the Border Crossing Podcast, hosted by Chip Hoebeke, discussing the recent Cayman Island new Chief Restructuring Officer Regime.
최근 베이징시 지적재산권국은 시 사법국 등 11부서와 연합하여 (약칭) 을 발행하여 수도 지적재산권 분쟁의 다원화 해제 체제를 보완했다.
European Union
Jones Day
On September 28, 2022, the European Commission published two proposals—the Revised Product Liability Directive and the AI Liability Directive—aimed at adapting liability rules to the green and digital transition...
Dennemeyer Group
It has been an eventful few days in the world of IP law, with three high-profile cases making headlines. In trademarks, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland...
Shearn Delamore & Co.
E-commerce has become an indispensable part of the country's economy particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic. With its growing demand come legal challenges which are novel to Malaysia.
Malaysia's track record in protecting victims and survivors of trafficking, smuggling, and forced labour has been quite appalling.
Envoy Global, Inc.
The government of New Zealand released information on processing times and processing delays for visa applications. The government estimates the following processing times as of August 2022...
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