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Saint Kitts
Saint Kitts
The Arbitrator: Conflict Resolution Centre
International Arbitration Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Saint Kitts, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Investment Immigration
The International Monetary Fund has congratulated St Kitts & Nevis for the dramatic improvements the country has made to its citizenship-by-investment program, once suspected of being a haven for financial criminals.
Withers LLP
On 3 December 2014 the government of St Kitts & Nevis (SKN) announced the immediate recall and replacement of passports that meet one of the following three conditions
Blount And Associates
A number of small countries are beginning to emerge as superstars—with brightly shining, very favorable asset protection legislation. Some of the strongest financial structures for asset protection use "The Foundation" as an asset protection tool.
St Kitts Financial Services Department
The right to establish and maintain a Register of Ships is a fundamental right of all nation states. In establishing such a Register the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) declares that "… every state shall fix the conditions for the grant of its nationality to ships, for the registration of ships and for the right to fly its flag.
St Kitts Financial Services Department
The Foundations Act, 2003, (No. 8 of 2003) was passed in September of 2003. This piece of legislation provides for the establishment of Foundations in St. Kitts
Henley & Partners
Real estate in the right place not only offers the potential for investment profits, but also offers you a safe alternative if things go bad at home. Since real estate you own offshore will never show up in a domestic asset search, it also provides practical privacy and asset protection advantages.
St Kitts Financial Services Department
St. Kitts is a 68 square mile tropical island located in the Eastern Caribbean. It is part of the twin island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. It is located in the center of the chain of Caribbean islands, which places it almost in the middle of the body of water separating North and South America.
St Kitts Financial Services Department
St. Christopher ("St. Kitts") forms a part of the twin-island Federation known as "St. Kitts & Nevis". The Federation has a history of political and economic stability. The economy is well diversified and since the 1980’s the Federation has experienced excellent growth rates averaging 5% and reaching 7% in 1997.
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