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Personal Injury
Cayman Islands
Bedell Cristin Cayman Partnership
The Capacity and Self-Determination (Jersey) Law 2016 had its first birthday recently and it has already been examined in several cases before the Royal Court.
Danos & Associates LLC
Personal Injury is a broad concept which may cover any type of physical, mental and emotional harm that is suffered by a person due to the wrongful act or omission of another person.
Hong Kong
DLA Piper
On 10 February 2020, the Hong Kong Labour Department issued a press release clarifying the position on whether the coronavirus amounts...
Hong Kong follows the common law system with a combination of statutory laws as well as laws developed through judgments.
Dillon Eustace
The High Court dismissed a plaintiff's action for professional negligence against two separate law firms on the grounds of inordinate and inexcusable delay.
Dillon Eustace
A number of schools have implemented a ban on students running in the playground because they are fearful of accidents and the possible litigation which will arise.
Isle of Man
Mr Mercer had been a competitor at the 2018 TT motorcycle races when he was involved in a collision with a course car, resulting in personal injuries of a relatively severe nature.
The Lord Chancellor has this week announced the long-awaited revision of the Discount Rate in England and Wales.
We have previously reported on the change to the discount rate in England and Wales, announced by the Lord Chancellor on 27 February 2017 ...
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP
New Jersey's "No-Fault" automobile insurance scheme has been the subject of repeated reforms over the past 40 years. On March 26, 2019, the New Jersey Supreme Court
United Arab Emirates
Hassan Elhais
Damages in personal injury claims are directly proportional to the negligence of the defendant. However, can you claim damages if it was your fault and not the other party?
BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP
Accidental injuries are commonplace in any modern society. Such injuries are usually remedied by courts through compensation and damages awarded to the injured party,
Hassan Elhais
Someone's negligence is someone's loss, but that loss often leads to the right of seeking compensation. On off chance, if you have ever been injured...
Hassan Elhais
Question: While I was driving on a motorway in Dubai, a man hit my car from behind and I had to be taken to hospital. The man was arrested at the scene.
Hassan Elhais
Question: I was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in injury. It was referred to the traffic court and the other driver was sentenced. However, I want to file a civil case.
Hassan Elhais
Question: My wife and I were in a car accident with someone whose insurance had expired. The driver accepted the blame but my wife has been complaining of a sore neck and back ever since.
Hassan Elhais
My friend is a construction worker and was injured at work.
STA Law Firm
Ubi jus ibi remedium –legal maxim meaning, "where there is a right, there is a remedy", is the basis of the principle of personal injury liability or so famously called tortious liability.
STA Law Firm
Personal Injury, a broad term, involves an injury that is sustained physically, emotionally or mentally by a person as a result of the negligent or intentional actions of another person,
STA Law Firm
The medical profession is known to be one of the prestigious jobs which deserve appreciation and respect.
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