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Constitutional & Administrative Law
The Government has been engaged in active dialogue with the EU Code of Conduct Group and the OECD during the last 6 months to ensure equivalency with other 2.2 jurisdictions
Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Government
He noted that since 2018, Cayman has adopted more than 15 legislative changes in line with the EU's criteria.
Cayman Islands Government
The Cayman Islands Government is presenting three bills to further refine and improve the jurisdiction's beneficial ownership regime.
Cayman Islands Government
As the demonstrated leader in the global investment funds industry, the Cayman Islands is making legislative changes to enhance the oversight of open-ended and closed-ended funds.
Costa Rica
It is true, the new provision of the Government Procurement Act, we refer to article 100 ter, according to its final wording obtained...
Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Legal Consultants
Today, a ‘No Deal Brexit on 31 January 2020 remains a real possibility. Put simply, a ‘No Deal Brexit' means that the UK leaves the EU without having reached an agreement on the terms...
European Union
The islands were however part of the EU Customs Union in accordance with Protocol 3 to the Act of Accession to the European Economic Community of 1972.
ATOZ Tax Advisers
Today, the Luxembourg financial supervisory authority (the CSSF) released a communication on Brexit1 which follows up on previous communications issued by the CSSF regarding the...
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
On 29 October 2019, the European Council adopted a decision ("Decision"), with the agreement of the UK, to extend the period under Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union in the context of...
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
In light of the fact that the date for a potential Hard Brexit1 has been postponed until 31 January 20202, the CSSF has published a new Press Release (19/54)
2020 – a new year, combined with a new decade. For some, it brings a newfound (and likely short-lived) determination to do more exercise/healthy eating/relaxation
There is much discussion in the private client community about what a future Labour Government might seek to introduce by way of fresh taxes and whether a Labour Government
There is much discussion in the private client community about what a future Labour Government might seek to introduce by way of fresh taxes.
Arendt & Medernach
At midnight tonight Luxembourg time, the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. For business in the EU and the UK, nothing will change during 2020
Loyens & Loeff
The CSSF issued a press release to alternative investment managers authorised in accordance with AIFMD in the United Kingdom and managing Luxembourg AIFs.
ELVINGER HOSS PRUSSEN, société anonyme
As indicated in our Newsletter - May 2019, two Brexit Laws1 were adopted in April 2019 in Luxembourg.
DF Advocates
Dr Jonathan Thompson and Dr Ryan Falzon from the Civil law and litigation department have been appointed to represent Dr Naged Megally in a constitutional case filed on the 11th February 2020...
Finance Malta
The Tories are well ahead in the polls with a lead over Labour of up to 10%. In normal circumstances, that would easily give the Tories an overall majority.
United Arab Emirates
STA Law Firm
The Counter-Terrorism legislation Amendment Bill 2019 covers amendments to fortify Australia's counter-terrorism legislation.
STA Law Firm
A new bill we brought before the Scottish Parliament, which would see alleged domestic abusers removed from their homes, rather than the victims.
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