On November 12, 2018. the EU Single Resolution Board published its 2019 Work Programme, setting out its priorities and principal tasks for the next year. The SRB is the resolution authority for all banking groups and entities as well as cross-border groups that are subject to direct prudential supervision by the ECB (i.e., for banks within the Eurozone Banking Union).

The SRB's work in 2019 will include, among other things, the following:

  • increasing the scope of banks with developed resolution plans and enhancing existing resolution plans to reflect the development of new or updated SRB policies;
  • the adoption of more than 100 group-level decisions on minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL) and the determination of over 530 MREL targets for individual entities;
  • enhancing the analysis of potential impediments to resolvability of banks;
  • the development of better ICT solutions for crisis management, including establishing a dedicated team to assist individual Crisis Management Teams in implementing the improvements; and
  • the adoption of several new and updated SRB policies covering, for example, MREL decisions, resolvability assessments and operational continuity.

The SRB expects a significant increase of the number of resolution plans for less significant institutions, the development of which falls within the remit of the Eurozone national regulators.

The SRB's 2019 Work Programme is available at: https://srb.europa.eu/sites/srbsite/files/wp2019_final.pdf.

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