The Federal Election Commission has updated federal contribution limits for the 2019-2020 election cycle. Limits that apply to contributions from individuals to federal candidates (now $2,800/election) and national party committees (now $35,500/year to a main account and $106,500/year to other accounts) are indexed for inflation. They are updated at the beginning of each odd-numbered year. Caplin & Drysdale has composed the chart below and attached that explains these new limits. Download this chart by clicking here.

2019-2020 Federal Contribution Limits

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1 A "super PAC" may make only independent expenditures with respect to federal elections and may not make contributions to federal candidates, parties, and traditional PACs.

2 These are combined limits, shared with federal accounts of all other state and local committees of same party in same state.

3 National Party Committees may contribute up to $49,600 to each U.S. Senate candidate. The $5,000-per-election limit cited above applies to National Party Committees' contributions to other federal candidates.

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