UK: Deloitte TMT Predictions 2014. Media – Doubling Up On Pay TV (Video Content)

1. Doubling Up On Pay TV

By year-end 2014 between 50 and 100 million homes around the world will have access to, two or more separate pay TV subscriptions – generating about £3 billion in revenues.

Over the course of the coming years, the number of households with multiple subscriptions should continue to rise, as more content owners and aggregators, including platform owners such as cable and satellite providers, make their content portfolios available via subscription video-on-demand. A further stimulus to the market will be the increasing availability of inexpensive HDMI dongles, which connect TV sets to the Web.

Most of the two million households will have just two pay-TV providers, typically one platform-based service and a secondary SVOD service, but about 10% of homes may have three or more providers.

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