The Communiqué on Mechanical Sorting, Biodrying, Biomethanisation and Fermented Products Management ("Communiqué") has entered into effect in Turkey. The Communiqué was prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, published in Official Gazette number 29498 on 10 October 2015. The Communiqué outlines principles and procedures for safely managing, processing and reducing biodegradable waste, as well as technical requirements and quality criteria for related waste-processing facilities.

The Communiqué applies to waste originating from parks, houses and gardens, sales points, food production and related facilities which can spoil in an aerobic or anaerobic environment. In particular, the Communiqué addresses:

  • Biodegradable waste management and reduction, with a focus on human and environmental health.
  • Technical requirements of mechanical sorting, biodrying and biomethanation facilities containing material and energy recovery facilities.
  • Quality criteria for fermented products produced by biomethanation facilities.

The following products are not subject to the Communiqué (Article 2(2)):

  • Radioactive waste.
  • Waste water.
  • Animal cadavers or agricultural animal excrement.
  • Animal by-products within the scope of the Regulation on Animal By-Products which are Not Allocated for Human Consumption (24 December 2011, numbered 28152).
  • Biomass products used as fuel and by-products identified as substances and materials within the TS EN 17225-1 standard, which are generated unintentionally by processing agricultural and forestry products.

The Communiqué outlines duties and responsibilities for managing biodegradable waste without harming the environment or human health. These apply to the Ministry of the Environment and Urban Planning, Provincial Directorates, Local Administrations, legal and real entities and operators.

The Communiqué includes technical specifications and standards which waste processing facilities must meet (Article 10 and 11).

The Communiqué outlines characteristics of products which result from processing biodegradable wastes (Article 12). The following characteristics are taken into account when considering products which result from biodegradable waste processing (Article 12):

  • Features of cultivated waste.
  • Waste processing conditions.
  • Quality requirements.

Facilities which were established and began operations before 10 October 2015 (the Communiqué's effective date) must comply with the Communiqué's physical conditions within one year. However, these facilities must meet the Communiqué's other provisions immediately (Provisional Article 1).

Administrative fines apply for failure to comply with the Communiqué (Article 14), as outlined under Article 12 and 20 of Law numbered 2872 and Article 12 of Law numbered 4703.

Please see this link for the full text of the Communiqué (only available in Turkish).

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