This report by Von Seidels highlights some of the latest inventions in the tech field recently published in the South African Patent Journal, including electronic, mobile, software and IT related patents.

New inventions featured in this month's report include:

Automobile: Steering of unmanned aerial vehicle (2013/09303 – SAAB AB).

Commerce: Use of biometric data for renting a car (2013/08873 – Lauren Olinsky).

Display: Slim touch panel (2013/03329 – Samsung Electronics Co).

Rewards: Method of managing driver rewards (2013/08285 – Discovery Ltd).

Mobile Messaging: Secure messaging (2013/06621 – Visa International).

Software: UI interaction behaviour based on insertion point (2013/04472 – Microsoft Corporation).

Software: Secure access to data stored on cloud (2013/09228 – Siemens).

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