This report, by Von Seidels, highlights some of the latest inventions in the tech field (including electronic, mobile, mechanical, software/IT) recently published in the South African Patent Journal.

New inventions featured in this month's report include:

Automobile: Guidance system for agricultural vehicles (2011/09247 - Leica Geosystems AG).

Banking Apps: Mobile banking application updating mobile profile (2013/06717 - Nedbank Ltd).

Commerce: Use of biometric identifier in a financial transaction (2013/06611 - Alset IP S AR.L.).

Display: Transparent display panel with outside controller (2013/03016 - Samsung Electronics Co).

Ecommerce: Payment transactions using a mobile device (2012/02463 - Visa International).

Environment: Buoys used for minimizing beach erosion (2013/00003 - Murtech Inc).

Webpage software: Enabling user editing on a webpage (2013/01750 - Microsoft Corporation).

Mobile Apps: Dual views on a single map for a mobile device (2012/9419 - Nokia Corporation).

Software: Multiple-access-level lock screen for a computing device (2013/02207 - Microsoft Corporation).

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