The JSE operates a wide range of automated services for the benefit of its listed companies, investors and members. These services, together with the associated computer systems, have been extensively upgraded over the past few years. Of further particular significance is the back-office Broker Deal Accounting (BDA) system which every member is obligated to use in respect of its trades, financial and stock transaction records.

The services are categorised into:

  • confirming and clearing trades;
  • dissemination of prices and trading statistics;
  • settlement of trades between members;
  • back-office accounting and client support services;
  • asset management;
  • production of client monthly financial and transaction statements, and
  • maintaining ledgers for own account trading of members.

The responsibilities of the Inspectorate Department of the JSE are greatly facilitated by the installation of the BDA system which supplies it with the constantly updated accounting records of each member. Total transparency is provided over all trading, quickly highlighting abnormal patterns which may imply dealing impropriety.

At the time of commencement of trading on JET, the client orders management and routing service was discontinued. Consideration is being given to developing a replacement service.


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