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United States And Australia: Comparable Food Safety Systems
On April 19, 2017, FDA announced that both the United States and Australia have recognized each other's food safety systems as comparable to each other.
United States
19 May 2017
USDA Allows Negative Claims On GMOs
The guidance, which is effective immediately, provides examples on how to use such claims and information regarding the labeling approval procedure.
United States
19 Sep 2016
Obama's FY 2017 Budget Requests Funds For FSMA Implementation
President Obama has proposed additional funding resources that include an increase of $25.3M of new budget authority to implement FSMA.
United States
9 Mar 2016
FDA Requests $5.1B For FY 2017, Includes Food Safety Funds
Earlier this week, FDA requested a total budget of $5.1 billion as part of President Obama's FY 2017 budget—an 8 percent increase over FDA's FY 2016 budget.
United States
12 Feb 2016
FSIS Issues Updated Compliance Guidelines For Allergens And Ingredients Of Public Health Concern
In the November 16, 2015, Federal Register, USDA's FSIS issued an updated version of the Agency's compliance guidelines for controlling hazards posed by allergens and other ingredients of public health concern.
United States
14 Dec 2015
FDA Issues Guidance Titled "Over-The-Counter Sunscreens: Safety And Effectiveness Data"
As discussed above, in the November 23, 2015, Federal Register, FDA announced the availability of a draft guidance for industry titled "Over-the-Counter Sunscreens: Safety and Effectiveness Data."
United States
10 Dec 2015
FDA Issues Final Rule Regarding Standards For The Growing, Harvesting, Packing, And Holding Of Produce For Human Consumption
As discussed above, in the November 27, 2015, Federal Register, FDA published a final rule establishing science-based minimum standards for the safe growing, harvesting, packing, and holding of produce...
United States
9 Dec 2015
FDA Issues Final Rule Regarding Accreditation Of Third-Party Certification Bodies To Conduct Food Safety Audits And To Issue Certifications
Final rule is effective January 26, 2016. FDA intends to implement this program as soon as possible.
United States
9 Dec 2015
The European Commission Publishes Roadmap On Use Of Bisphenol A In Food Contact Materials
Since January 2015, the presence of BPA in any type of FCM is banned in France, and other Member States have introduced measures to reduce the presence of BPA in FCMs for children.
European Union
8 Dec 2015
EFSA Provides Guidance On Foods For Special Medical Purposes
On November 26, 2015, the European Food Safety Authority ("EFSA") published a guidance document, Scientific and technical guidance on foods for special medical purposes in the context of Article 3 of Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013.
European Union
8 Dec 2015
FDA Issues Three Major FSMA Final Rules
On November 13, 2015, FDA published three major Food Safety Modernization Act ("FSMA") rules.
United States
4 Dec 2015
FDA Publishes Three Major FSMA Final Rules
On November 13, 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") published the three major rules affecting the food industry that it will adopt in 2015.
United States
18 Nov 2015
Europe, China, And The United States Adopt Food Safety Agreement
After several years of discussion, the text was finalized and endorsed during a visit to Beijing.
17 Nov 2015
WTO And FAO To Enhance Trade And Food Safety
The World Trade Organization ("WTO") and the Food and Agriculture Organization ("FAO") met on November 2, 2015, to announce they are strengthening their collaboration on food safety and sanitary and phytosanitary standards...
16 Nov 2015
FDA Explores Use Of Term "Natural" On Human Food Labeling
In recent years, there has been substantial litigation regarding the meaning of the term "natural" and whether its use on various labels is misleading.
United States
13 Nov 2015
EFSA Issues Reevaluation Of Tocopherols (E 306–E 309) As Food Additives
On September 30, 2015, the European Food Safety Authority("EFSA") issued a scientific opinion on the reevaluation of certain food additives tocopherols.
European Union
30 Oct 2015
FDA Releases Strategy For FSMA Training
FDA has released its training strategy to support implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act ("FSMA")...
United States
23 Oct 2015
Recent Product Recalls - Food, Dietary Supplement & Cosmetics Regulatory Update, Volume II, Issue 10
Recent food recalls involved undeclared ingredients, potential microbial contamination, and foreign matter contamination, among others.
United States
27 May 2015
FDA Issues Draft Guidance On Mandatory Food Recalls
Last week, FDA announced the availability of a draft guidance to instruct industry on the implementation of FDA's mandatory food recall authority.
United States
15 May 2015
Senators Introduce Bill to Expand FDA Authority Over Cosmetics
Two senators recently introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act, a bill that would significantly expand FDA's authority over cosmetics.
United States
1 May 2015
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