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Unilever Australia Trading Limited V Automotive, Food, Metals, Engineering, Printing And Kindred Industries Union Known As The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) [2018] FWCFB 4463
The AMWU construed the exclusion in clause 1 to relate only to the entitlement to payment itself, not to the calculation of service under the Agreement.
25 Sep 2018
Third Circuit Rules That WARN Act's "Unforeseeable Business Circumstances" Exception Requires That Layoffs Be Probable, Not Possible
In Varela v. AE Liquidation, Inc. (In re AE Liquidation, Inc.), 866 F.3d 515 (3d Cir. 2017), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit became the sixth circuit court of appeals to rule ...
United States
27 Nov 2017
Third Circuit Rules That Warn Act's "Unforeseeable Business Circumstances" Exception Requires That Layoffs Be Probable, Not Possible
In Varela v. AE Liquidation, Inc. (In re AE Liquidation, Inc.), 866 F.3d 515 (3d Cir. 2017), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit became the sixth circuit court of appeals to rule...
United States
24 Nov 2017
Without WARN-ing: Third Circuit Clarifies WARN Act's Unforeseen Business Circumstances Exception
Valera v. AE Liquidation, Inc., the Third Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with five other circuits in holding that WARN notice was not required where an external event outside the employer's control...
United States
30 Aug 2017
Saudi Ministry Of Labor Restricts Redundancy Terminations
Under the Resolution, the Company must notify its local Labor Office 60 days before undertaking a Group Termination.
Saudi Arabia
6 Mar 2017
Fair Work Commission Rules That Redundancy Payments Must Take Into Account Prior Casual Employment In Certain Circumstances
The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has ruled that, in calculating redundancy payments, the employee's period of continuous service must take into account certain periods of prior casual employment.
21 Oct 2016
Arrium Workers Agree To 10 Percent Pay Cut As Administrator Seeks To Secure The Company's Future
Workers at embattled steelmaking and iron ore mining company Arrium have accepted a new enterprise agreement that provides for a 10 percent pay cut.
21 Oct 2016
Federal Court Finds Averse Action When New Mother Made Redundant
Judge Jones found that the employee's position had been made redundant as a result of the restructure, and that Roy Morgan failed to redeploy the Applicant in an equivalent position.
4 Apr 2016
Employee Who Rejected Alternative Positions Not Entitled To Redundancy Payout
In September 2014, Mr. Adcock, who had been employed as Commercial Manager Asia by Blackmores Limited ("Blackmores"), left Blackmores claiming that it had repudiated its contract of employment with him.
4 Apr 2016
High Court Clarifies That Injured Workers Can Bring Civil Claims Following FWO Prosecutions
In Tomlinson v Ramsey Food Processing Pty Limited, Justices Bell, Gageler, Keane, Nettle and Chief Justice French unanimously allowed an employee's appeal from a decision of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
30 Sep 2015
Monthly Update - Australian Labour & Employment - June 2015
From 1 July 2015, the income and compensation caps for unfair dismissal claims are set to increase.
15 Jul 2015
Public Opinions Sought On Draft Provisions Of Mass Layoff Of Enterprises
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China published Provisions on Enterprise Mass Layoff (Draft for Comments) on December 31, 2014.
26 May 2015
Monthly Update—Australian Labour & Employment - November 2014
This month, the Australian government has increased their crackdown on union corruption with the establishment of a new joint police taskforce.
10 Dec 2014
Monthly Update—Australian Labour & Employment - September 2014
On 10 September 2014, the High Court of Australia held that there is no duty of mutual trust and confidence implied by law in Australian employment contracts.
United States
20 Oct 2014
Asia-Pacific Labor & Employment News - Summer 2014
Welcome to the first edition of the Jones Day Asia-Pacific Labor & Employment News, which will be published quarterly and will examine labor and employment law developments across the Asia-Pacific region.
22 Aug 2014
The Netherlands Passes Work and Security Act
The legislative proposal for the Work and Security Act passed in the Netherlands, and Dutch employment and dismissal law is going to be substantially overhauled.
17 Jun 2014
European Court Of Justice Asked To Consider Whether The Duty To Collectively Inform And Consult In A Large Scale Redundancy Should Include Or Exclude The Requirement For Dismissals To Be At One Establishment
We have previously reported on the EAT’s decision in cases which removed the requirement for collective redundancies to be made at "one establishment".
European Union
25 Apr 2014
Toyota To Discontinue Manufacturing In Australia: Unions And Government Exchange Blame
Toyota has decided to discontinue manufacturing vehicles in Australia by late 2017.
2 Apr 2014
Overseas Redeployment Not Reasonable
Multi-national employers will be pleased to learn that the Fair Work Commission ( FWC ) has agreed that it was not reasonable for an employer to redeploy a redundant worker to overseas operations.
6 Nov 2013
EAT "Re-Writes" Section 188 Of The Trade Union Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 So That 20 Or More Proposed Redundancies No Longer Need To Be At "One Establishment", HR Headlines
The requirement that proposed redundancies of 20 or more within a 90 day period must occur "at one establishment" has received lots of attention in the recent month.
United States
5 Aug 2013
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