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The Court Of Appeal Has Spoken: Safety Must Come First At The Port Of Montréal's Terminals
On September 12, 2019, the Québec Court of Appeal rendered its ruling in the case of Singh c. Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnerships
10 Oct 2019
Jail Time And Fines Are Always On The Table For Workplace Health And Safety Violations
The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) sets the rules that businesses in Ontario must follow to ensure the health and safety of their workers.
18 Jun 2019
Federal Employers: Prepare For A Wave Of Change In Workplace Harassment Obligations
In the last few years, and particularly with the advent of the #MeToo movement, some employers may have seen a rise in the number of harassment complaints in the workplace ...
6 Jun 2019
Excessive Absenteeism And Reasonable Accommodation: Where To Draw The Line?
Some employers may feel caught off-guard when one of their employees is absent from work for lengthy and sometimes repeated periods of time, owing to a medical condition.
17 May 2019
Collective Bargaining And The Implementation Of Autonomous Vehicle Technologies
In the recent breakdown of collective bargaining with Canada Post, the CUPW National President, Mike Palecek, stated:
16 May 2019
N.L. Supreme Court: Undue Hardship Can Arise From Inability To Measure Cannabis Impairment And Manage Workplace Risk
At arbitration, the primary question was whether the employer had met its duty to accommodate the employee's disability without undue hardship.
15 Apr 2019
A New Trend In In-House Employment Policies
The courts will therefore be tasked with deciding such disputes in due course.
12 Mar 2019
Working Remotely Or "Remotely Working"? What Every Employer Should Know (And Do)
It can be called many things: working from home, working remotely, telework, telecommuting, etc. But the result is the same — an employee performs their duties outside of the workplace including, in many cases, from their home.
7 Feb 2019
Labour & Employment Law In Canada - November 27, 2018
BLG's Labour and Employment Group is happy to offer practical guides on labour and employment law in Canada. We invite you to stay connected to receive updates on our publications.
3 Dec 2018
The Road To Legalization Of Recreational Cannabis: What Employers Should Know
The federal government announced that the legalization of recreational cannabis is effective on October 17, 2018. Employers should prepare for this change as it will impact Canadian businesses of all sizes.
9 Nov 2018
Possible Changes To Long-Term Care Home Regulations Regarding Cannabis
With the passing of Bill 36, the smoking of cannabis will be permitted in places where smoking tobacco and using e-cigarettes is permitted, including in certain controlled areas of long-term care homes and hospices.
9 Nov 2018
Swift Termination: Is Protecting A Company's Reputation At All Costs The Endgame In The #MeToo Era?
Harassment is unacceptable. In fact, an employer has a duty to ensure that employees have a harassment-free workplace under section 3(1)(c) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
8 Nov 2018
Alberta Court Of Appeal Clarifies Crown's Obligation In Proving Occupational Health And Safety Charges
Recently, the Alberta Court of Appeal released its decision in R v Precision Diversified Oilfield Services Corp, 2018 ABCA 273.
7 Oct 2018
Legislated Drug Testing In The Workplace
With the impending legalization of cannabis later this year, there has been growing concern from many employers regarding the potential implications of recreational drug use and impairment...
11 Jul 2018
Supreme Court Of Canada Confirms Fine Against Company In Forest Worker's Death
The Supreme Court of Canada confirmed the broad powers of the B.C. Workers Compensation Board to adopt and enforce regulations under the Workers Compensation Act.
5 Jun 2018
Changes To Alberta's Occupational Health And Safety Legislation Take Effect On June 1, 2018
On June 1, 2018, significant changes to Alberta's occupational health and safety legislation come into effect. The Occupational Health and Safety Act, SA 2017 c 0-2.1 ("OHSA"), introduces new obligations...
5 Jun 2018
Les impacts d'un congédiement sur les mécanismes de partage et de transfert de coûts ouverts à l'employeur en vertu de la LATMP : resserrement des critères
Le congédiement d'un travailleur peut avoir de nombreux impacts sur la gestion d'une lésion professionnelle et plus particulièrement sur les coûts entraînés suite à ce congédiement.
12 Apr 2018
Court Of Appeal Upholds Injunction Against Suncor's Random Drug And Alcohol Testing Policy
On February 28, 2018, the Alberta Court of Appeal dismissed Suncor Energy Inc.'s ("Suncor") appeal of an injunction prohibiting Suncor from implementing a policy of random drug and alcohol testing...
23 Mar 2018
The Supervac Decision: The Court Of Appeal Ruling
In CNESST v. 9069-4654 Québec inc. et CLP, better known as the Supervac case, the Court of Appeal of Québec was called upon by the CNESST's Occupation Health and Safety Division, ...
12 Mar 2018
Supreme Court Of Canada Confirms That The Duty To Accommodate Applies To Workers Injured At Their Workplace
On February 1, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed the decision rendered by the Québec Court of Appeal on June 15, 2015, holding that the provisions of the Act...
12 Mar 2018
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