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Health and Safety at Work Act 2015: Enforceable undertakings – an alternative sentencing option for the court
A key change arising from the HSWA was the use of WorkSafe-approved enforceable undertakings as an alternative to prosecution.
New Zealand
17 Sep 2019
First workplace bullying prosecution in South Australia
This bullying conviction in South Australia could have implications for health and safety practices in New Zealand.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2019
Recreational access to land – how is this affected by health and safety?
WorkSafe has clarified that the HSWA does not cover injuries that happen as a result of doing a recreational activity.
New Zealand
19 Jul 2019
The Hug of Death – expanding the scope of ACC cover for mesothelioma beyond a work-place injury
In New Zealand. mesothelioma is seen as the result of accidental inhalation of asbestos giving rise to personal injury.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2019
Recent developments in work health and safety sentencing
These cases show that substantial discounts for mitigating factors can still be obtained in appropriate circumstances.
New Zealand
16 Apr 2019
Guideline decision on approach to reparation awards in health and safety sentencing
The Court can order reparation for the deceased's loss of earnings to related persons who have suffered loss as a result.
New Zealand
15 Apr 2019
Importance of application of Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to schools
Schools are required to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, a work environment that is without risks to safety.
New Zealand
1 Dec 2018
Domestic Violence - Victims Protection Act
From 1 April 2019, this Act will give employees who are affected by domestic violence new entitlements, leave and rights.
New Zealand
30 Aug 2018
High Court decision on health and safety sentencing released
The High Court released its decision on sentencing appeals in the District Court for health and safety prosecutions.
New Zealand
11 Aug 2018
The ins and outs of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace
Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace may be controversial, but the duty to maintain a safe workplace is paramount.
New Zealand
2 Jun 2018
Penalties reach new levels in latest health and safety case
Article discusses penalty imposed on company found guilty for failing to ensure health and safety of its workers (HSW Act).
New Zealand
16 May 2018
Latest health and safety sentencing emphasises the importance of training
Recent health and safety sentencing decision highlights how critical the proper training of workers can be in a workplace.
New Zealand
17 Apr 2018
Sentencing under the new health & safety regime
The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 has significantly reformed prosecutions in New Zealand's health and safety regime.
New Zealand
16 Nov 2017
First sentencing under new health and safety legislation
Interested people have been awaiting this first decision, to see the effect of the increased penalties on actual fines.
New Zealand
28 Aug 2017
One year on – the obligation of a PCBU to consult, co-operate and co-ordinate
There is yet to be a prosecution under New Zealand's HSWA, but section 34 HSWA mirrors s46 of the Australian legislation.
New Zealand
22 May 2017
Earthquake update: key issues businesses need to consider
Issues for earthquake-affected businesses include insurance, physical damage to properties and employment issues.
New Zealand
16 Nov 2016
WorkSafe issues strategic plan on health in the workplace
Worksafe's aim is that by 2026 they will achieve their vision that everyone who goes to work comes home healthy and safe.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2016
Enforceable undertakings as an alternative to prosecution
An enforceable undertaking is a legally binding agreement between WorkSafe and the duty holder to remedy a breach.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2016
Rising fines for health and safety breaches in Australia
The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 means that this NSW sort of penalty could also be on the way in New Zealand.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2016
Workplace bullying - also a health and safety problem
This case was a reminder that health and safety laws can extend beyond the prevention of accidents in the workplace.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2016
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