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Employment standards get a shake up
Employers need to think about potential implications, as all new employment agreements will have to comply immediately.
New Zealand
24 Feb 2016
Government to zero in on zero hour contracts for employees
Employers will be required to commit to a minimum number of hours when an employee must be on call for additional work.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2015
A legal oddity in the Employment Relations Amendment Bill
This article explains what the proposed change is designed to achieve and why it is both unnecessary and undesirable.
New Zealand
5 May 2013
The Employment Relations Act changes in detail
Changes to collective bargaining and to the duty of good faith are at the heart of the package of proposed amendments.
New Zealand
3 Nov 2012
A more liberal approach to employee preparation for post-job competition?
This article suggests how to draft employment agreements to prevent employee conduct adverse to your business interests.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2012
Labour and employment
Discusses labour and employment for doing business in NZ.
New Zealand
3 Aug 2011
Reminder - signed employment agreements from 1 July
A reminder for the necessity of signed employment agreements from July
New Zealand
17 Jun 2011
New workplace rules: key points
The Government’s employment law changes came into effect on 1 April 2011. This Brief Counsel focuses on the key practical issues that flow from the new amendments. This advice is necessarily generic and is not a substitute for specific advice in relation to your particular circumstances.
New Zealand
4 Apr 2011
New employment and holidays law passed
The amendments to the Employment Relations Act and Holidays Act were passed by Parliament yesterday and now only need the royal assent to become law, likely to be early next week.
New Zealand
25 Nov 2010
New Workplace Rules On The Way
Two Bills giving effect to the Government’s package of workplace changes recently passed their first reading, and were sent to select committee. Public submissions on the Employment Relations Bill close on 13 September 2010, with submissions on the Holidays Amendment Bill closing on 17 September 2010. A select committee report is expected in early November. This Brief Counsel provides a user-friendly guide to the Employment Relations Bill and Holidays Amendment Bill both of which are schedul
New Zealand
15 Sep 2010
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