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Covert Recordings At Work On The Rise In The UK
It is becoming increasingly common for employees to make covert recordings of meetings held with their employer
21 Aug 2019
UK Government Consultation: UK To Legislate On Use Of Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreements In The Workplace
At the end of 2018, a report from a committee of the UK parliament called on employers and regulators to take a more proactive role in relation to sexual harassment in the workplace
12 Aug 2019
Positive News For Employers Wishing To Enforce Post-Termination Restrictions
In an eagerly awaited decision, the Supreme Court gave its judgment on the meaning of wording commonly used in non-compete post-termination restrictions and the possibility
25 Jul 2019
Recording Working Time: Do Changes Lie Ahead?
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has recently decided that the Working Time Directive (WTD) imposes an obligation on employers in all EU member
11 Jul 2019
Court Of Appeal: Holiday Pay Must Include Regular Voluntary Overtime
Does pay for regular voluntary overtime need to be included in the calculation of holiday pay? Yes, says the Court of Appeal in a decision which confirms several prior Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)
9 Jul 2019
Loss Of Holiday Entitlement – Higher Hurdles For Employers If They Want To Ensure That Employees Lose The Right To Claim Outstanding Holiday Entitlement At The End Of The Calendar Year
The German Federal Leave Act (Bundesurlaubsgesetz) provides that employees forfeit the right to claim outstanding holiday entitlement at the end of the calendar year or at the end of a specific transfer period...
4 Jul 2019
"Worst Breach Of Personal Data In Singapore's History" Attracts Highest Penalties Totalling S$1 Million
On 14 January 2019, Singapore's Personal Data Protection Commission issued its grounds of decision against Singapore Health Services Pte. Ltd.
21 Jan 2019
No Hindsight For Implied Terms
In Robert Bou-Simon v. BGC Brokers LP [2018] EWCA Civ 1525, the Court of Appeal considered deleted provisions and implied terms.
27 Jul 2018
Further Blow For Self-Employed Status: Tribunal Finds That Hermes Couriers Are "Workers"
The UK recognises three categories of employment status: employees, workers and self-employed contractors, each with varying levels of protection under employment law.
17 Jul 2018
How Should Organisations Present Gender Pay Gap Information?
The Government Equalities Office has published new research giving helpful guidance on clearer ways for employers to present pay gap data.
3 Jul 2018
Supreme Court Decision Announced In Pimlico Plumbers Case
The case has been closely monitored because of its impact on organisations engaging large numbers of individuals on a self-employed basis...
14 Jun 2018
European Commission Proposes Draft Whistleblowing Directive
On 23 April 2018, the European Commission published a proposal for a Directive on the protection of whistleblowers reporting on breaches of EU law, accompanied by an explanatory memorandum.
European Union
4 Jun 2018
EU Case Confirms That Employers Do Not Have Carte Blanche For Workplace Monitoring
In early 2016, a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case (Barbulescu v. Romania) attracted much publicity because it appeared to give employers the green light to read employees' private emails.
European Union
14 Sep 2017
Is The Shipping Industry Ready For UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting?
It's an acknowledged fact that women are significantly underrepresented in the shipping industry – accounting for just 2% of the workforce globally.
17 Aug 2017
Employment Tribunal Fee Regime: An Unlawful Barrier to Justice
The Supreme Court has today found in favour of the trade union UNISON in its judicial review of the UK Employment Tribunal fees regime, unanimously holding that the legislation implementing the current regime is unlawful both under domestic and EU law.
26 Jul 2017
Taylor Review: A Review of the Review
Today, the much-anticipated Taylor Review was published, with a speech by Matthew Taylor outlining his recommendations, followed by comments from Prime Minister Theresa May.
19 Jul 2017
Can Contracts For Those Working In The Gig Economy Move With The Legal Tide
The status of those working in the ‘gig economy', whether they are genuinely self-employed or, in reality, workers or employees with greater employment law rights, has become a highly charged issue -
31 May 2017
The ‘Gig' Economy Under the Spotlight
New research published by the CIPD suggests that around 1.3 million people are engaged in the UK 'gig' economy – the term used to describe flexible, short-term working arrangements...
29 Mar 2017
Leniency Is Not Enough! The New Anonymous Whistleblower Tool
If leniency was not enough, disgruntled employees and former colleagues will soon have the possibility to anonymously alert the Commission of the existence of secret cartels . . .
European Union
21 Mar 2017
Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Do we need more?
Today is International Women's Day. What originally started life in 1909 as a single protest organised by the Socialist Party of America in New York, is now a global event with the backing of the United Nations and some of the world's largest corporations
8 Mar 2017
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