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European Parliament Approves New Rules To Protect Whistle-Blowers
On 16 April 2019, the European Parliament approved new rules on the protection of whistle-blowers (the "Directive").
European Union
11 Jul 2019
Increased Employee Protection In Belgian Insolvency Proceedings By Transfer Of Undertakings
On 23 April 2012, Echo NV entered into a judicial reorganisation proceeding.
European Union
11 Jul 2019
Constitutional Court Adopts Position Regarding Validity Of Contractual Notice Clauses
Under that regime, the notice period to be observed by the employer must be determined in accordance with a two-step-calculation.
29 Nov 2018
Revision Of European Posting Of Workers Directive Approved
On 21 June 2018, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament adopted the Directive amending the Posting of Workers Directive.
European Union
31 Aug 2018
European Commission Proposes Whistleblower Protection Rules
On 23 April 2018, the European Commission (the "Commission") published draft whistleblower protection legislation designed to shield persons who report breaches of EU law ...
European Union
22 Jun 2018
Employment Law Reforms Following Implementation Of Summer Agreement
The so-called Summer Agreement (the "Agreement") which includes ambitious reforms to create jobs, increase purchasing power and promote social cohesion has been the subject of heated debates...
European Union
27 Mar 2018
Searching Professional Inboxes And Discovering Serious Cause For Dismissal: Employers Beware!
In the case at hand, the employer accessed the professional mailbox of an employee while she was on leave presumably in order to handle a customer request.
18 Dec 2017
Belgium Completes Implementation Of New European Market Abuse Regime
The Law broadens the scope of application of the market abuse regime regarding persons, places and conduct, in line with the Market Abuse Directive and the Market Abuse Regulation.
3 Oct 2017
Bill On Workable And Flexible Work Submitted To Stakeholders
A general section with measures that apply immediately to companies.
6 Sep 2016
E-Commerce In The Distribution Sector: Possibility Of Night Work
E-commerce is omnipresent in Belgium where consumers increasingly purchase products online.
12 Jul 2016
Obligation To Provide Reasons For Dismissal
Pursuant to CBA 109, employees are entitled to be informed in writing about the reason for their dismissal.
15 Jun 2016
Social Elections 2016: Clock Is Ticking (Part 3)
The procedure involving social elections to designate the members of the Works Council and/or Committee for the Prevention and Protection on the Work Floor are under way.
6 Apr 2016
Transitional Measure Regarding Outplacement Expires – New Regime
The outplacement offer must be made within 4 weeks after the start of the notice period. The employee has 4 weeks to accept the offer as from the moment the outplacement offer is made.
11 Jan 2016
Social Elections 2016: Clock Is Ticking (Part 1)
Between 9 May and 22 May 2016, social elections will take place to appoint the members of the works council (WC) and the committee for the prevention and protection on the work floor (CPPW).
16 Nov 2015
Are Uber Drivers Self-Employed Contractors Or Employees?
The vexed question whether or not Uber drivers are self-employed contractors draws scrutiny around the world.
20 Oct 2015
Constitutional Court Annuls Article 70 § 4 And Part Of Article 97 Of Law Governing Unified Status Of Blue Collar And White Collar Workers With Regard To Notice Periods, First Day Of Unpaid Sick Leave And Accompanying Measures
Article 97 of the Law stipulates that blue collar workers who fall under the scope of Article 70 of the Law are excluded from the termination compensation, which is paid by the federal employment agency.
20 Oct 2015
Labour Time Reduction Days - What To Do In Case Of Suspension Of Employment Contract?
Only a limited number of joint committees have determined the terms governing the granting of LRD.
15 Apr 2015
Starting Date Of Protection Period Against Dismissal In Case Of Complaint For Violence, Harassment Or Sexual Harassment On Work Floor
If an employee lodges a complaint for violence, harassment or sexual harassment on the work floor, (s)he is protected against dismissal during a specific period.
12 Mar 2015
ECJ Ruling On Application Of Article 101(1) Of TFEU To Collective Labour Agreements For Self-Employed Service Providers
Independent service providers in the Netherlands have the right to join a trade union or employers' or professional association.
European Union
8 Jan 2015
Belgian Supreme Court Rules On Social Security Contributions Due On Compensation For Employees’ Neighbouring Rights
In the case at hand, a performing artist in a musical received a monthly compensation of EUR 400 in exchange for the assignment of his neighbouring rights.
17 Nov 2014
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