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UK Employment And Immigration Update (August 2018)
In a case that will have huge significance within the care sector, the CA has decided that care workers who sleep in are not entitled to the NMW for the entire time of their shift, but only when they are required to be...
10 Aug 2018
Employment And Immigration Update (July 2018)
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has overturned an initial unfair dismissal ruling of the Employment Tribunal (ET). Quintiles Commercial UK Ltd, a pharmaceutical agency, was found to be within its rights...
9 Jul 2018
Changes To Subject Access Requests Under The European Union General Data Protection Regulation
Under the Data Protection Act 1998 ("DPA"), both current and former employees have a right to see a copy of the personal data that their employer retains about them.
4 May 2018
BBC Journalist Loses Appeal Against Her Tribunal Claim Being Struck Out
The EAT has upheld an employment tribunal's decision to strike out BBC journalist Sally Chidzoy's whistleblowing and sex discrimination claims after she was overheard discussing her case with a journalist...
3 May 2018
Cost Of Contractor Misclassification Increases Dramatically Following Important Court Judgment (Update)
On November 29, 2017, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that misclassified self-employed contractors who are really employees could claim back vacation pay going back to 1996 ...
European Union
12 Apr 2018
Criminal Sanctions For Employment Law Breaches Strengthened
From the start of 2018, Vietnam has been introducing a number of changes to its employment laws. The most eye catching of these changes is an increase in the criminal penalties ...
10 Apr 2018
New Work Permit And New Protection For Domestic Staff Rules
Two new sets of regulations have come into effect recently. The first regulation impacts work-permit application fees for all businesses operating in onshore (non-free zone) the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
United Arab Emirates
6 Apr 2018
Reform Introduces Requirement To Mediate Before An Employment Claim
New legislation came into force in January 2018 that will require employees to submit to mediation before commencing most employment-related claims.
6 Apr 2018
New Right To Retirement Payments
Thailand has introduced a compulsory retirement age designed to provide those retiring with a severance payment following amendments to the Labor Protection Act.
6 Apr 2018
Reform Impacts Overtime, Leave, And Shift Patterns
The Taiwanese government proposes rolling back changes made last year to how employers calculate overtime, organize work hours, and manage annual leave allowances.
6 Apr 2018
Rise In Investigations Into Foreign Project Workers
Many companies accept projects in Switzerland and have to send their employees to Switzerland in order to fulfill their contractual obligations.
European Union
6 Apr 2018
New Legislation Makes It More Difficult For Foreign Employers To Avoid Swedish Collective Agreements
Byggnads is the largest Swedish trade union for construction workers. In 2004, Byggnads blockaded the Latvian construction company Laval in order to force Laval to sign a Swedish collective agreement.
6 Apr 2018
New Legislation On Employment Contracts And Subcontracting Anticipated In 2018
After a reasonably quiet year for employment law reform in 2017, legislative changes are expected in 2018 regarding subcontracting and employment contracts.
United States
5 Apr 2018
Maternity Rights And Gender Equality At The Fore Of New Employment Laws
Proposed amendments to the Civil Code of St. Maarten are aimed at enhancing employment rights in the areas of fixed-term employment contracts, pregnancy and maternity leave, gender equality, business transfers ...
5 Apr 2018
New Employment Claims Tribunal May Lead To Increase In Claims
The new Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT) was established in 2017 to provide a cheaper and easier alternative to the civil courts for employees wanting to bring salary-related disputes in Singapore.
5 Apr 2018
Tough New Rules Designed To Prioritize Saudi Nationals
The Saudi government has introduced a number of measures to favor Saudi nationals over expatriate employees. These so called "Saudisation measures" ...
Saudi Arabia
5 Apr 2018
Court Guidance For Dealing With Redundancies / Reductions In Force
In recent years Russian courts have seen an increase in the number of dismissed employees claiming reinstatement. Most cases involve redundancy dismissals, reflecting a growth in the number of employers ...
Russian Federation
5 Apr 2018
New Protection For Domestic Staff And New Labor Dispute Resolution Committee
In separate developments, Qatar has taken two steps that will extend employment rights and access to justice for claimants.
5 Apr 2018
New Obligations On Employers To Ensure The Prevention Of Harassment
There are new obligations on employers aimed at strengthening protection against harassment. These include an obligation on all employers with over seven employees to adopt a policy on workplace harassment ...
5 Apr 2018
New Rules Aimed At Tackling Fraudulent Sick Leave Requests
In a move that is aimed at reducing the granting of sick leave to employees who are not sick and modernizing the system, starting in July 2018, doctors that issue sickness certificates to employers will have to do so electronically.
4 Apr 2018
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