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A Citizen In The Global Village Of Competition Law
The Competition Act (‘Act') is first and foremost national in its focus. This is clear from its objects set out in the Act's Preamble and Purpose.
South Africa
25 Jun 2018
Have Mercy: The Competition Bureau Publishes Revised Immunity And Leniency FAQs
On September 25, 2013, the Competition Bureau published revised sets of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for its Immunity and Leniency Programs.
26 Oct 2013
Main Supranational Merger Control Regulations Likely To Apply To M&A Transactions In Africa
Most of the African countries have enacted competition law legislations in order to improve market conditions and attract investors.
31 Jul 2013
Ontario Court Orders Largest Fine in Canadian History for Bid-Rigging Offence
On April 4, 2013 before Justice L. De Sousa of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, a Japanese supplier of motor vehicle components, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. ("Furukawa"), pleaded guilty for bid-rigging, in violation of subsection 47(2) of the Competition Act.
13 Apr 2013
Criminal And Related Antitrust Developments In 2012: Canada And The World
This article outlines the major global criminal and related antitrust developments in 2012, with a focus on Canada.
11 Apr 2013
Dramatic Conclusion to Six Months of Uncertainty under the Investment Canada Act: Government Approves Two Acquisitions by State Owned Enterprises and Issues New SOE Guidance
Yesterday (December 7, 2012), Canada’s Industry Minister announced that he had approved, under the Investment Canada Act, the proposed acquisitions by CNOOC, a Chinese stated-owned enterprise ("SOE") of Nexen, an oil and gas company with significant oil sands assets, and Petronas, a Malaysian SOE of Progress Energy, a natural gas producer.
13 Dec 2012
Prime Minister Sheds Light On Canada’s Foreign Investment Policy
During a September interview with Bloomberg Business, Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper provided additional insight into the role that the regulation of foreign investment will continue to play in Canada and, in particular, as to how the "Investment Canada Act" will be administered by his majority government.
28 Nov 2011
The Death Of Indirect Purchaser Claims In Canada?
The jurisprudence regarding competition class actions was somewhat unsettled in Canada until the British Columbia Court of Appeal released two concurrent judgments, "Pro-Sys Consultants Ltd. v. Microsoft Corp." (Microsoft) and "Sun-Rype Products Ltd. v. Archer Daniels Midland Co." (Sun-Rype) which found that indirect purchasers of allegedly price-fixed products "have no cause of action recognized in law."
20 Oct 2011
Misleading Advertising: What's The Fine Print For?
The Competition Bureau recently announced that Bell Canada had, in a consent agreement filed with the Competition Tribunal, agreed to stop making what the Bureau had concluded were misleading representations about the prices offered for some of Bell Canada's services.
8 Jul 2011
Conservative Majority Government: Implications for the "Investment Canada Act", Foreign Ownership Rules in Telecommunications, and the "Competition Act"
The May 2, 2011 Canadian federal election resulted in the Conservative Party forming its long sought majority government (now with 167 seats in the House of Commons, up from 143 seats).
25 May 2011
Increased Enforcement For Restrictive
Following several years of relative inactivity, the Canadian Commissioner of Competition (the ‘Commissioner’) filed two applications with the Competition Tribunal (‘Tribunal’) in 2010 for relief under restrictive trade practices provisions of Canada’s Competition Act (the ‘Act’), and in 2009 secured a consent agreement in another matter without the need for full proceedings.
19 May 2011
2010 A Year in Review - Antitrust/Competition & Marketing
Although 2010 lacked the drama of the previous year (which, among other things, witnessed major changes to Canada's competition legislation), as we discuss in this bulletin, there were a number of highly significant developments during 2010, particularly on the enforcement front.
23 Feb 2011
Why Your Internal Communications May Be At Risk
The European Court of Justice (the "ECJ") recently released a landmark decision, "Akzo", confirming that communications between in-house counsel and their internal clients are not protected under European competition law by legal professional privilege, otherwise known in Canada as solicitor-client privilege.
4 Nov 2010
New Conspiracy and Competitor Collaborations Laws Come into Force
Effective March 12, 2010, Canada's new dual-track regime – comprised of a criminal track and an administrative civil track – for conspiracies and collaborations between competitors comes into force.
24 Mar 2010
Antitrust/Competition & Marketing Group 2009 Year In Review
Significant amendments to the "Competition Act" and the "Investment Canada Act", contained in "Bill C-10", were introduced in Parliament on February 6, 2009, and enacted on March 12, 2009.
3 Feb 2010
Antitrust/Competition & Marketing Group 2008 Year In Review: Developments In The U.K. And Europe
This article is the third in a series of bulletins on developments in competition and foreign investment review law in 2008
European Union
7 Aug 2009
Antitrust/Competition & Marketing Group 2008 Year In Review - Criminal Matters And Other Competition Law Developments
This bulletin is the second in a series of bulletins on developments in competition and foreign investment review law during 2008.
23 Jul 2009
Antitrust/Competition & Marketing Group 2008 Year In Review: Reviewable Practices And Marketing & Advertising Developments In Canada
This bulletin is the first in a series of bulletins that cover developments in competition and foreign investment review law during 2008.
8 Jul 2009
Substantial Changes To The "Competition Act" And "Investment Canada Act" Enacted – Businesses Must React
On March 12, 2009, after being expeditiously passed by both Houses of Parliament, Bill C-10 received Royal Assent and is now law.
18 Mar 2009
Dramatic Changes To Canada´s Competition And Foreign Investment Review Laws Proposed In Bill C-10
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Government has followed through with pre-election promises to amend Canada’s competition and foreign investment laws.1 On February 6th, Bill C-10, An Act to implement certain provisions of the budget tabled in Parliament on January 27, 2009 and related fiscal measures, was tabled in the House of Commons and proposes fundamental changes to the Competition Act and Investment Canada Act.
11 Feb 2009
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