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European Competition Law Newsletter – November 2015
A company that helps with or facilitates a cartel is at just as much risk of sanctions and penalties as are the actual cartelists.
European Union
20 Nov 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – October 2015
This is a semi-victory for the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which brought the case.
European Union
8 Oct 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – August 2015
Continuing an EU-wide trend, yet another trade association has been fined in the UK for cartel activities.
European Union
17 Aug 2015
Recent EU Court And ECHR Case Law On Dawn Raids
Dawn raids remain a cornerstone of the European Commission (EC)'s and national regulators' investigatory practices, particularly in relation to cartels.
European Union
24 Jul 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – July 2015
On 24 June 2015, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) was defeated in its first attempt at convincing a jury to convict individuals for the UK criminal "cartel offence".
European Union
6 Jul 2015
A Primer On Antitrust Law Fundamentals
The basic objective of the antitrust laws is to eliminate practices that interfere with free competition.
United States
1 Jul 2015
EU’s Highest Court Rules On Information Exchange
On 19 March 2015, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) handed down a significant judgment on the application of EU competition law to information exchange between competitors.
European Union
14 Apr 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – March 2015
A recent European Commission (EC) fining decision against UK-based broker ICAP confirms that companies which merely facilitate a cartel will be tarred with the same brush as those which actually engage in the cartel.
European Union
5 Mar 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – February 2015
There has been an important development in one of two UK criminal cartel cases against individuals which are currently being investigated by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
European Union
6 Feb 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – January 2015
On 26 November 2014, the EU General Court (the EU’s second-highest court) upheld a EUR2.5 million fine imposed by the European Commission for obstructing an EC dawn raid.
European Union
12 Jan 2015
European Competition Law Newsletter – October 2014
European Commission (EC) President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled his team of commissioners, who with him will run the EC for the next five years.
European Union
11 Oct 2014
European Competition Law Newsletter – July 2014
In 2009, the European Commission found that Intel had abused its dominant position on the worldwide market for x86 CPUs.
European Union
9 Jul 2014
Jobs For The Boys
Matthew Hall reviews the role of the CMA in controlling cartels.
14 May 2014
European Competition Law Newsletter – May 2014
New legislation aimed at assisting private claimants seeking damages for competition law infringements in the EU has nearly been finalised.
European Union
7 May 2014
European Competition Law Newsletter – March 2014
On 31 January 2014, the UK Office of Fair Trading ended its case involving online travel agents and Expedia Inc, together with InterContinental Hotels Group.
European Union
11 Mar 2014
European Competition Law Newsletter – February 2014
An individual appeared in court in the UK on 27 January 2014 charged with the "cartel offence".
United States
6 Feb 2014
European Competition Law Newsletter – January 2014
During December 2013, two UK Office of Fair Trading cases showed once again that small companies can be fined for cartel infringements in the EU and also that short-term cartels will not be spared.
United States
6 Jan 2014
January Antitrust Bulletin
A federal appeals court recently clarified the pleading standards established in Bell Atlantic Corp. v. Twombly and Ashcroft v. Iqbal.
United States
21 Jan 2011
EU/UK Competition Law Newsletter - December 2010
On Nov. 9, 2010, the European Commission fined 11 air cargo carriers nearly EUR800 million for a six year worldwide price-fixing cartel.
United States
2 Dec 2010
November Antitrust Bulletin
On Oct. 18, 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice, in a joint action with the Michigan attorney general, filed a civil antitrust action against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan alleging that the insurer's use of most favored nation clauses has stifled competition and raised prices on healthcare services and insurance.
United States
22 Nov 2010
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