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The Board Fines BFIT For Imposing No- Poaching Obligations Upon Gyms Post- Termination Of Franchise Agreements
BFIT granted franchisees the right to use its trademark in its franchising agreements in order to open gyms.
9 Sep 2019
An Analysis Of A Recent Board Decision Assessing The Circumstances Of Access To Personal E-mail Account Contents
Before providing its interim decision, the Board examined the allegations of the case handlers and the statements of Ege Gübre provided within the on-site inspection report.
4 Sep 2019
European Union's Regulation On Online Intermediation Services And Search Engines
EU proposal for regulation on online intermediation services and search engines is expected to be published shortly on the Official Journal of the European Union and become effective...
26 Jun 2019
The Turkish Competition Board Closed The Pre-Investigation Against Raw Meatballs Producers For Price Fixing With A 9(3) Letter
Based on these findings, the Board explicitly stated that the relevant agreement establishes the existence of a violation of competition law.
6 Jun 2019
Behavioral Remedies Under Judicial Review: The Court Says "Not Enough"
The Court's stay of execution decision has been appealed before the 8th Administrative Chamber of Ankara Regional Administrative Court.
4 Jun 2019
The Turkish Competition Board Fines Sony Turkey For Resale Price Maintenance On Online Sales Channels
Sony Turkey is a Turkish subsidiary of Sony Corporation and is active in consumer electronics.
4 Jun 2019
Cinema Sector Still Tangled Up In Revenue Sharing Models: The Turkish Competition Board Decided Not To Initiate A Full-Fledged Investigation
The reasoned decision of the Turkish Competition Board concerning the preliminary investigation initiated by the Turkish Competition Authority against four movie producers and their professional union has been published...
4 Apr 2019
Green-Light To The "Green Car Project The Board Granted Negative Clearance To A Joint Venture Between Turkcell, Anadolu Group, Zorlu, Kök Ulaşım, BMC And TOBB
The Board published its reasoned decision on the formation of a joint-stock company by (i) Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş., (ii) Turkcell Gayrimenkul Hizmetleri A.Ş., (iii) AG Anadolu Grubu Holding A.Ş., ...
4 Mar 2019
The Mastervolt Decision: The Board's Attempt At Deviating From The European Competition Law Rules Is Rejected By The Court Of First Instance
The Ankara 7th Administrative Court annulled the Board's decision in the investigation initiated against Mastervolt International Holding BV and Artı Marin Elektrik Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti., on the grounds that ...
26 Feb 2019
The Board Imposed A Fine On Mosaş Akıllı Ulaşım Sistemleri AŞ. For Hindering An Onsite Inspection
The Board determined that internet access had been disconnected twice while the onsite inspection was being carried out.
27 Dec 2018
Calculation Of Turnover In Terms Of A Concession Agreement: The Board's Decision On The ERG Verbund Transaction
Therefore, the Board unanimously granted unconditional approval to the acquisition of sole control over ERG Verbund by the Çelik Family.
17 Dec 2018
Are Online Channels Substitutable With Traditional Channels?: The Board's Reasoned Decision On The Acquisition Of D&R By Turkuvaz
The Board's centred its attention on its assessment of the relevant product market and the relationship between retail sales and online sales.
10 Dec 2018
Anti-Dumping Measures To Expire Within The First Half Of 2019
Up until the recent changes in Turkey's governmental system, the Ministry of Economy had the sole authority to initiate dumping or subsidy examinations.
26 Nov 2018
No Room for Competition within the Family —Family Links under the Turkish Merger Control Regime: The Turkish Competition Board Unconditionally Approved the Transaction Concerning the Acquisition of Sole Control over Mavi by the Akarhlar Family
The Turkish Competition Authority ("Authority") announced, on its official website, the Board's reasoned decision granting unconditional approval to the transaction concerning the indirect acquisition of negative sole control over ..
22 Oct 2018
Unfair Competition Claims for Sale of Certain Products Below Purchase Price
As a general principle, an enterprise has the right under Turkish law to freely determine the prices of its products and services. In other words, there is no rule under the Turkish competition law regime that would require enterprises to ...
17 Oct 2018
Exclusivity Practices Examined in the Two- Sided Market of Cinema Screen Advertising: The Board Rejected the Exclusivity Allegations against Mars due to a Lack of Evidence
The Board published its reasoned decision on the preliminary investigation launched against Mars Sinema Turizm ve Sportif Tesisler İşletmeciliği A.Ş. ("Mars"), a company active in the areas of movie screening services, ..
15 Oct 2018
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