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Unfair Data Protection Practices May Constitute An Abuse Of Market Power
Facebook has announced that it will appeal the decision of the German competition authority.
1 Mar 2019
Connected Cars And Autonomous Driving—EU Antitrust Challenges (Part II)
The Background: The automotive industry has achieved a number of technological advances aimed at developing connected cars, automated vehicles, and ultimately autonomous driving.
European Union
11 Sep 2018
Connected Cars And Autonomous Driving - EU Antitrust Challenges (Part I)
Among the different fields of law concerned, competition law will play a key role.
European Union
4 Sep 2018
CJEU Issues Long-Awaited Coty Decision On Luxury Goods Supplier's Online Platform Ban
On December 6, 2017, the CJEU issued its long-awaited judgment in the Coty case, which clarifies the extent to which an online platform ban within a selective distribution system for luxury goods is compatible with EU...
European Union
18 Dec 2017
State Aid In Disguise?—EC Investigates UK Tax Regime
The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation into a specific provision of the UK-controlled foreign company rules.
13 Dec 2017
European Court Ruling May Reinvigorate Enforcement Against Excessive Pricing
The ruling will be of significant value in various ongoing EU and national excessive pricing investigations, and it lays the groundwork for future investigations.
European Union
2 Nov 2017
European General Court Rules (Again) On Mandatory Access And Interoperability In Software Industry
The European General Court's ("GC") decision relates to a complaint filed with the European Commission ("EC") by Contact Software, a German software supplier of Product Data Management ("PDM").
European Union
5 Oct 2017
Germany Issues Antitrust Guidance On Multilateral And Unilateral Behavior
The German FCO provided guidance on several hot antitrust topics in July 2017. While the guidance is contained in the FCO's report on its sector inquiry into the cement and ready-mix concrete markets...
28 Jul 2017
German Federal Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) Publishes Merger Remedies Guidance
The guidance explains the procedure for the proposal and implementation of remedies offered by the parties involved in the merger.
29 Jun 2017
European Commission Sets Its Sights On Allegedly Excessive Drug Prices
Following its 2008 pharmaceutical sector inquiry, the European Commission has largely followed through on its commitment to intensify competition law enforcement in this industry...
European Union
21 Jun 2017
European Commissions's Antitrust Concerns Lead To Syndicated Loans Market Study
n April 2017, the European Commission ("Commission") published a tender offer seeking an assessment of the EU market for loan syndication and possible implications under EU competition rules
1 Jun 2017
European Commission's Antitrust Concerns Lead To Syndicated Lending Market Study
This provision covers the exchange of commercially sensitive information between competitors.
European Union
24 May 2017
European Commission's Antitrust Concerns Lead To Syndicated Lending Market Study
The European Commission has launched a tender offer to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the competitive aspects of the EU market for syndicated loans.
European Union
19 May 2017
Latest Reform Of German Competition Law Brings Clarity
The German Parliament has adopted the 9th Amendment to the German "Act against Restraints of Competition" ("ARC") or "Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen" ("GWB").
4 May 2017
European Commission Launches Competition Law Anonymous Whistleblower Tool
The European Commission has launched a new tool that will allow individuals to anonymously report anticompetitive conduct for the first time.
European Union
27 Apr 2017
European Law Enforcement Against Antitrust Conspiracies - Recent Trends
Over the last few years, the level of cartel enforcement against antitrust conspiracies across the European Union has increased significantly.
European Union
20 Sep 2016
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