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McQueen Estate Wants To Unravel A Tom Ford Sweater
Remember the Steve McQueen estate's legal dust-up with Ferrari back in July? In that case, Chadwick McQueen, administrator of the estate and the actor's son,
United States
3 May 2019
Snowboarding Company Accused Of Slapping Biggie Smalls' Image On Merch
It's difficult to name a recording artist who has earned more posthumous success and influence than Christopher Wallace, the Brooklyn-born rapper better known as Biggie Smalls, Biggie and The Notorious B.I.G.
United States
23 Apr 2019
Tootsie's Charms Trade Dress Takes A Licking
The lollipop wars have raged for nearly a century.
United States
9 Apr 2019
FTC Issues Online Ad-Tracking Recommendations
Staff report rejects opt-in systems to keep ad revenues flowing
United States
18 Dec 2018
Dairy Queen Accused Of Blizzard Snow Job
Oregon resident Mariel Spencer claims to have downloaded International Dairy Queen's official smartphone app, which offered her a pleasant surprise...
United States
9 Aug 2018
FTC Plans Big Ol' Hootenanny
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Commission), responding to what it calls "broad-based changes in the economy, evolving business practices, new technologies...
United States
13 Jul 2018
New Slack-Fill Class Action Gets To The Pint
In July 2017, Halo Top became the best-selling ice cream brand in the United States.
United States
13 Jul 2018
Outlet Deal Or No Deal?
Some states have reputations for allowing plaintiffs to be particularly litigious and having demanding laws that regulate numerous types of businesses.
United States
14 Jun 2018
Plaintiff Hopes His Fitbit Class Action Keeps On Beating
Last man standing in case against fitness-fashion designers
United States
27 Apr 2018
Montel Messes With Marijuana Marketers
Talk show host, military man, actor, producer, product endorser – Montel Williams has worn his share of hats, some more garish than others.
United States
21 Dec 2017
FTC Report On Big Data Outlines Usage Limitations Under Federal Law
On January 6, 2016 the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") issued the report Big Data: A Tool for Inclusion or Exclusion? Understanding the Issues ("Report"), based on prior workshops and subsequent public comments on Big Data usage.
United States
19 Jan 2016
Challenging FTC Regulation Of Cyber-Security After FTC v. Wyndham
The Third Circuit interlocutory decision in Federal Trade Commission v. Wyndham Worldwide Corporation was widely reported as a big win for the Federal Trade Commission.
United States
11 Nov 2015
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