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Cartels: UAE Chapter
The laws and regulations governing antitrust and competition (cartel) in the United Arab Emirates are as follows:
United Arab Emirates
17 Jun 2019
International Franchisors Expanding In The UAE: Dos And Don'ts
The Middle East's buzzing commercial platform is attracting more and more international businesses in a wide variety of sectors.
United Arab Emirates
20 Aug 2018
UAE Competition Law Framework Now Complete
On October 27, 2014, the Cabinet of the UAE (the "Cabinet") adopted implementing regulations of the Law.
United Arab Emirates
9 Aug 2017
The UAE Competition Law Clarified
In an earlier inBrief dated 9 December 2014 we wrote about Federal Law No. 4/2012 on the regulation of competition, which introduced the means by which the United Arab Emirates could regulate...
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2017
Marketing of insurance policies in the United Arab Emirates - are you doing it right?
It is not uncommon to hear from an insurer that its competitors are resorting to unfair means of marketing to get a bigger share of the "pie".
United Arab Emirates
20 Mar 2017
The UAE Cabinet has issued a unified definition of "small and medium enterprises" (SMEs) for the purposes of UAE law.
United Arab Emirates
27 Sep 2016
Cabinet Issues Market Share Thresholds
The UAE Cabinet has issued resolutions setting out the relevant percentage thresholds applicable under the Competition Law.
United Arab Emirates
20 Sep 2016
UAE Competition Law Update: Consequences For M&A Transactions In The UAE
The United Arab Emirates ("UAE") recently introduced its competition law: Federal Law No. 4 of 2012 ("Competition Law").
United Arab Emirates
2 Mar 2015
No Safe Harbour For IP Licences In The UAE
The Competition Law seeks to enhance competition and combat monopoly practices, with a particular focus on restrictive agreements and the abuse of dominant positions.
United Arab Emirates
13 Jan 2015
UAE Competition Law – Executive Regulations Now Published
Previous updates summarised the main provisions of the United Arab Emirates Federal Competition Law (Federal Law No. (4) of 2012) which came into force on 23 February 2013.
United Arab Emirates
12 Jan 2015
Margrethe Vestager To Become The New Commissioner For Competition
The President-elect of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker appointed the Danish nominee Margrethe Vestager (46) as the new EU Commissioner for Competition.
European Union
10 Oct 2014
The New UAE Competition Law: Is It Arbitratble Or Is It Not Arbitrable - That Is The Question .....
The vexed question of the arbitrability vel non of competition law has now reached the shores of the United Arab Emirates.
United Arab Emirates
10 Apr 2013
The New Federal Competition Law In The UAE
The new UAE Federal Competition Law (Federal Law No. (4) of 2012) has been published in the Official Gazette and will come into force on 23 February 2013, following its enactment on 23 October 2012.
United Arab Emirates
11 Dec 2012
Rules Of Competition: New Field To Compete
Omar Al Heloo discusses the developments in UAE competition law.
United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 2011
UAE Competition Law
With regard to competition or anti-trust laws, currently there is no significant body of law in the UAE dealing with these issues.
United Arab Emirates
27 Sep 2010
Middle East Employment And Incentives Bulletin: Are Your Employees Exposing You To Anti-Corruption Sanctions?
The importance of corporate governance and risk management is gaining recognition worldwide including, as was recently reported by Clyde & Co's Hamish Walton and Chloe Lake on 10 February 2010, in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
22 Mar 2010
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