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Directors Duties In Insolvency And Its Vicinity- An Alternative Approach For Creditors To Recover
When a company enters insolvency or its ‘'vicinity''[1], the fiduciary duties of directors are no longer owed to the company as a whole, and instead their duties shift towards the creditors.
29 Apr 2019
Guidance Of Cyprus Courts On Issue Of Appointment Of Lawyers By The Directors Of A Company
Recently, the District Court of Paphos granted a decision in relation to the appointment of a Lawyer to act on behalf of a Company in judicial proceedings as follows...
18 Jan 2016
Guidance For Cyprus Courts On The Duties Owned By Directors Of A Company To The Shareholders
As in the case of Prudential Assurance Co Ltd v Newman Industries Ltd (no2) [1982], only a company can sue for wrongs done to the company.
5 Jan 2016
Guidance By The Supreme Court Of Cyprus On "Mens Rea" For Bounced Cheques
In October 2015 the Supreme Court made a remarking judgment which overturned the decision of the First-instance Court in relation to the innocence of two Defendants who had issued bounced cheques...
18 Dec 2015
Deoffshorization Law In Russia And Possible Solutions For The CFCs In Cyprus
The Law has been prepared by hundreds of specialists whose sole aim was to cut off all old legal algorithms, which helped to optimize taxation...
21 Jul 2015
The Law Amending The Companies Law CAP 113 N.4 [89(I) /2015] And Collectively (The ‘Law') Came Into Force On 19 June 2015 And Brought With It Several Changes To The Current Legal Regime
There is no need any more to list exhaustively the objects in the Memorandum of Association of a company and instead a company can be incorporated as a commercial company of general objects.
20 Jul 2015
Corporate Taxation - Important Practical Quidelines In Ascertaining The Place Of Effective Management Or Place Of Management And Control Of A Cyprus Company
The Courts approach, where doubts arise about a particular company’s residence status, is to ask the following questions.
12 Mar 2014
Lifting The Corporate Veil
It is a fundamental principle of Cyprus Company Law that a limited liability Company has a legal personality and identity which, is separate from its shareholders, or directors, and that it is a separate legal entity, having separate rights and liabilities.
31 Oct 2013
Interim Relief In The Context Of Shareholders Disputes
Cyprus Courts, have jurisdiction to issue any interim order, in all cases, in which it appears to the Court, just and convenient to do so, provided that the following conditions are satisfied by the applicant/plaintiff:
5 Oct 2011
Shareholder’s Agreement – Benefits And Advantages
A Shareholder's Agreement is distinct from the company's constitution. Without a Shareholder's Agreement, the Company would be controlled solely and exclusively by the exercise of shareholding or directorship rights, through its constitution, and the Cyprus Companies Laws, which are generally insufficient, to protect the rights and interests of minority shareholders.
27 Jun 2011
The Duties Of Directors Of A Cyprus Company
Directors exercise extensive powers in the management of their companies, influencing their company's conduct, by virtue of their involvement in the decision making process.
22 Jun 2011
Cyprus Company's Constitutions, Shareholders Agreements And Pontential Conflicts
The use of a large number of Cypriot Companies as vehicles for carrying out joint ventures, led JV Partners to enter into Shareholders Agreements or JV Agreements, sometimes, without fully understanding the consequences, of their contractual arrangements, and especially and most importantly, the interplay, between the Company’s memorandum and articles of association on the one hand, and a shareholders agreement on the other.
16 May 2011
District Court Upholds Shareholder’s Right To Petition For Winding-Up
In two recent cases the Limassol District Court has held that the statutory right of a shareholder to petition for the winding-up of the company in which it is a member cannot be excluded and/or waived by shareholder’s agreement.
16 May 2011
Minority Shareholders Protection In Cyprus – Remedies Available
There is no easy solution, to the problem, which follows from the principle of majority rule, in Company law, that of protecting the minority shareholders from violation of their rights.
9 May 2011
Cyprus Company’s Constitutions, Shareholders Agreements And Potential Conflicts
This Memo, examines this dynamic in the context of a Cypriot Company, and aims to give some light, on what parties must do, and what risks, must avoid.
7 May 2011
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