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Companies (Amendment) Law, 2019
On 8 August 2019 the Companies (Amendment) Law, 2019 (the "Amendment") was published to amend the Companies Law (2018 Revision) of the Cayman Islands.
Cayman Islands
12 Sep 2019
Privy Council Clarifies Bermuda's "60/40 Rule"
In a judgment likely to have wide-ranging implications for local companies subject to the "60/40 Rule", the Privy Council has held that local companies may confer upon non-Bermudians...
17 Jun 2019
The Bermuda Private Trust Company Guide
Family members and their trusted advisers may be appointed as directors of the PTC.
21 Mar 2019
Guernsey Funds: Practical Matters To Bear In Mind
When setting up a Guernsey fund, there are certain practical matters to bear in mind to ensure that the establishment and operation proceed smoothly.
11 Feb 2019
Types Of Fund Vehicles Used In Guernsey
Guernsey funds are invariably structured as companies, unit trusts or limited partnerships.
8 Feb 2019
Deadline Approaches For Compliance With Beneficial Ownership Regime
Bermuda companies have until 28 February 2019 to comply with requirements introduced in 2018 to maintain a register of their beneficial owners.
28 Jan 2019
Guernsey Insolvency Update: Understanding And Managing A Director's Duties In Times Of Financial Distress
2018 saw a number of high profile insolvencies around the world, including in Guernsey. The climate for many sectors remains extremely challenging with the UK further hindered ...
17 Jan 2019
Segregated Portfolio Companies In The British Virgin Islands
A segregated portfolio company ("SPC") is incorporated under the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (as amended) (the "BCA").
British Virgin Islands
18 Jun 2018
Memorandum On Directors' Duties
One of the small, but important, details to arise from the recent case of Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited (in Liquidation) and others v. Conway and others [2017] was that the directors under fire in that case ...
26 Mar 2018
Directors' Duties In Guernsey
Lawyers from our corporate practice have drafted this note, which provides a brief synopsis of the common law duties owed by directors of companies incorporated in the Island of Guernsey.
7 Mar 2018
Directors And Companies: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Carlyle But Were Too Afraid To Read
On 4 September 2017, the Royal Court of Guernsey handed down one of the most anticipated judgments in recent Guernsey jurisprudence, Carlyle Capital Corporation Limited and others v. Conway and others [2017].
5 Dec 2017
The Time Limit For Claims Against Directors For Breach Of Duty
It is rare that directors foreshadow claims against them, and often claims arise with little if any warning, from what directors may consider to have been historic transactional decision-making.
17 Jul 2017
Cayman Islands Quarterly Update - May 2017
In April 2017, the Cayman Islands Government met its commitment to the UK Government made a year earlier by enacting a regime requiring Cayman Islands companies to maintain registers of their beneficial owners.
31 May 2017
Ten Year Limitation Period For Breach Of Directors' Duties Under Jersey Law
The vexed question (still unresolved by the Jersey courts) as to the correct limitation period under Jersey law for bringing a claim against a director of a Jersey company for a breach of his statutory...
26 May 2017
Continuing Obligations For British Virgin Islands Regulated Entities
SIBA and the Investment Business (Approved Managers) Regulations, 2012 set out a number of ongoing administrative requirements with which regulated entities in the British Virgin Islands must comply.
British Virgin Islands
15 May 2017
The Application Process For Regulatory Licences And Approvals In The British Virgin Islands
Entities wishing to carry out regulated investment business in the BVI require approval from the BVI FSC under either SIBA or, in the case of investment managers, the lighter regulatory regime...
British Virgin Islands
15 May 2017
Directors' Duties, Liabilities And Indemnities In Guernsey
The advent of the solvency based approach to company activity in Guernsey brings into critical focus the scope and nature of the duties incumbent upon the directors of a Guernsey company.
22 Feb 2017
Lessons For Directors Arising From Recent Commission Enforcement Actions
In the 27 years between 1987 and September 2014 the Guernsey Financial Services Commission issued five public statements and prohibited four persons from performing functions under the relevant regulatory laws.
6 Feb 2017
Dividends And Other Distributions By BVI Companies
BVI is a British dependent overseas territory in the eastern Caribbean. A leading jurisdiction for the incorporation of joint venture and private equity vehicles...
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
The BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015
The BVI Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2015 was enacted in the BVI House of Assembly on 21 December 2015 and is due to come into force shortly.
British Virgin Islands
11 Jan 2016
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