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A new Trusts Act for New Zealand
A new Trusts Act replaces the Trustee Act 1956 to make the law more accessible to trustees and beneficiaries of trusts.
New Zealand
26 Jul 2019
Under what circumstances should you form a trust?
Some of the common purposes of a trust, and the structures which can be utilised, will be discussed in this article.
New Zealand
22 Jun 2019
Update on the Trusts Bill
While not codifying trust law, the Trusts Bill will clarify the rights and obligations of everyone involved in a trust.
New Zealand
18 May 2019
Trusts bill progressing in Parliament - a new disclosure regime
The bill will clarify and modernise the law, and place obligations on trustees to disclose information to beneficiaries.
New Zealand
7 Dec 2017
Beneficiary access to trust information - the final word from the Supreme Court
Trustees are often confronted with requests for information from beneficiaries concerning the administration of a trust.
New Zealand
16 Mar 2017
Another step towards new legislation for trusts
The new Trusts legislation merely aims to restate the existing law, while providing clarity and updating the language.
New Zealand
30 Nov 2016
The Supreme Court decision in Clayton v Clayton – What does this mean for the family trust?
The latest Supreme Court case regarding family trusts is in two decisions in respect of one family, in Clayton v Clayton.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2016
Charitable trusts – what you need to know
If you are establishing a charitable trust to promote a cause that you support, you should consider these fundamentals.
New Zealand
4 May 2016
Supreme Court releases decision in Clayton v Clayton - but is it the last word on relationship property and trusts?
The case involved disputes about relationship property matters and the validity of trusts, after a marriage dissolution.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2016
Disclosure of trust documents to beneficiaries – Latest guidelines from the Court of Appeal
The Court confirmed there is no automatic right to documents for beneficiaries – disclosure is a discretionary decision.
New Zealand
7 Mar 2016
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