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Shareholder Activism – Considerations For BVI Companies
Once a fairly niche investment strategy of concern to US-listed businesses, shareholder activism is an increasingly global phenomenon.
British Virgin Islands
31 Jul 2017
Key Benefits Of Using BVI Structures
Companies incorporated in the BVI are, by most measures, the most popular offshore holding structure in the world
British Virgin Islands
8 Jun 2017
Divided Loyalties – The Issue Of Directors' Duties In Joint Ventures
Every company lawyer is taught from an early stage that a director owes their duties to the company, and not to the shareholders or any individual shareholder.
British Virgin Islands
8 Jun 2017
Segregated Portfolio Companies In The Cayman Islands
Any Cayman Islands exempted company (the most common Cayman corporate vehicle limited by shares) may be registered as a segregated portfolio company (an SPC) under the Cayman Islands...
Cayman Islands
15 May 2017
Succession Planning For Your BVI Company Shares
Where the owner of a BVI company dies, his/her interest in shares in a BVI company cannot be validly transmitted to his/her heirs until the appropriate grant (of probate, letters of administration...
British Virgin Islands
7 Mar 2017
2016 In Review: The Rise Of Cayman Islands Share Valuation Disputes And Professional Dissenting Shareholders
During 2016, shareholders in Cayman Islands companies often availed themselves of the Court procedure for determining the fair value of their shares.
Cayman Islands
15 Feb 2017
More Questions Of Standing Of Beneficial Shareholders
In a recent decision in the case of TIPP Investments PCC v. Chagala Group Ltd. et al (BVIHCM 102/2016), Mr Justice Davis-White clarified the issue of the standing of beneficial shareholders that we highlighted in our previous article. As we had said was the likely outcome of any reconsideration of the case of Headstart Class F Holdings Ltd and another v Y2K Finance Inc (BVIHCV 278/2007
British Virgin Islands
15 Jan 2017
Guide To Cayman Islands Mergers And Consolidations
The Cayman Islands' statutory merger regime is set out in the Companies Law (the Companies Law) and the Limited Liability Companies Law (the LLC Law)...
Cayman Islands
1 Dec 2016
Unfair Prejudice And Beneficial Shareholders: A Confused Noise
There are several circumstances in which a beneficial owner of shares may wish to bring an action for unfair prejudice without the participation of the legal owner of his shares.
British Virgin Islands
29 Nov 2016
Guide To Voluntary Liquidation Of A Cayman Islands Exempted Company
This guide outlines the procedure for a voluntary liquidation of a solvent Cayman Islands exempted company and the duties of its liquidator.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
New York Supreme Court Rules That Derivative Claims Under Cayman Law Must First Go Through The Cayman Courts
The plaintiff was a shareholder of a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands (the Company).
Cayman Islands
5 Jul 2016
A 60 Second Guide To Dealing With BVI Companies
This article covers the most commonly-asked questions regarding the use of BVI companies in transactions.
British Virgin Islands
24 Jun 2016
Mergers And Fair Value: What Does It Mean To A Dissenting Shareholder?
Shareholders in a company that is the subject of a takeover and merger have certain intrinsic rights available to them in the event that they dissent to the merger...
British Virgin Islands
16 May 2016
Central Bank Of Ecuador And Others v Conticorp SA And Others
Strict duties imposed on directors must be discharged, even if they are nominee directors. The Central Bank of Ecuador v Conticorp [2016] 1 BCLC 26 decision illustrates the dire implications for a director who merely follows instructions and by so doing fails to discharge his duties to the company.
British Virgin Islands
22 Apr 2016
Directors' Duties And The Proper Purpose Rule
In Eclairs Group Ltd v JKX Oil & Gas plc [2015] UKSC 71 the UK Supreme Court reviewed the law relating to directors' duties, and in particular in connection with the so-called "proper purpose" rule...
20 Dec 2015
China Shanshui: A Change Of Direction For Company Winding Up Petitions In The Cayman Islands
It should be stressed that new companies are largely unaffected by the decision, since they are expressly permitted by the Law to deal with the issue in the drafting of their articles.
Cayman Islands
8 Dec 2015
Voluntary Liquidation: An Almost Irreversible Procedure
Can a company that has been voluntarily wound up be restored to good standing on an application by a former shareholder, liquidator, or director, who has a change of heart as regards the company's liquidation?
British Virgin Islands
24 Nov 2015
Star Trek And The BVI Shareholder
When the television series Star Trek debuted in 1966, it astounded audiences by presenting a never-before-seen world of wireless communication, video conferencing and physical teleportation.
British Virgin Islands
23 Nov 2015
Directors' Duties Under Cayman Islands Law
There is no statutory codification in the Cayman Islands of the general duties, obligations and liabilities owed by directors to Cayman companies and the general duties are based on a combination...
British Virgin Islands
24 Jul 2015
Appointing An Inspector: A Viable Alternative To Liquidation In The Cayman Islands?
The attractions of incorporating a company in the Cayman Islands, the fifth-largest banking centre in the world, are numerous: no direct taxes, political and economic stability, and a reliable legal system to name a few.
Cayman Islands
5 Jul 2015
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