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Launching An ICO In The British Virgin Islands
Interest in the setting up and distribution of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the BVI and other offshore locations has mushroomed during 2017; we expect this to continue going forward.
British Virgin Islands
7 Dec 2017
Launching An ICO Through Cyprus
We set out below a summary of relevant considerations when launching an initial coin offering (ICO) through Cyprus. For these purposes we assume the ICO is structured through Cyprus...
31 Oct 2017
Structuring An ICO Through The Cayman Islands
It seems that 2017 will go down as the year of the ICO. Whilst still not mainstream, the pool of people in the financial services sector who have never heard of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies...
Cayman Islands
19 Oct 2017
BVI Continuations And Discontinuations
One of the many flexible features of the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 (the BC Act) is the ability both to continue a foreign company as a BVI company under the BC Act...
British Virgin Islands
17 Oct 2017
Security Registrations In BVI – A Closer Look At Difficult Issues
One of the more popular features of BVI company law is its regime for registering security interests.
British Virgin Islands
8 Jun 2017
The Cyprus Position - ESMA Publishes Practical Guide On Transparency Directive Major Holdings Notification Regime
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has published a practical guide (Guide) which provides an overview of the national rules of each Member State for the major holdings...
9 Apr 2017
Taking Security Over Shares In A Cayman Islands Company
This Guide discusses the Cayman Islands law requirements when taking security over shares in a Cayman Islands exempted company (a company).
Cayman Islands
23 Mar 2017
Guide To Exempted Limited Partnerships In The Cayman Islands
The Exempted Limited Partnership Law (the ELP Law) governs the formation of exempted limited partnerships (ELPs) in the Cayman Islands.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
Guide To Continuing Obligations Of A Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership Closed-Ended Fund
Note in particular that penalties frequently apply for late filings and so the registered office should be informed promptly of any notifiable changes to allow the appropriate filing/s to be made.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
Guide To Registering Security Interests Created By Cayman Islands Companies In The Cayman Islands
This concise guide discusses the Cayman Islands Companies Law requirements relating to the registration of security interests over the assets of a Cayman Islands exempted company.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
Guide to the Securities Investment Business Law
If the SIB Law applies to an entity and its activities, then that entity must apply to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority for a licence under the SIB Law unless otherwise specifically exempted.
Cayman Islands
28 Oct 2016
Cyprus As Home Member State Under The Transparency Directive - Common Pitfalls In Cross-Border Reporting Requirements
Cypriot companies are frequently used in cross-border structures, whereby securities of a Cypriot company are listed on a regulated market of another Member State.
British Virgin Islands
19 Oct 2016
A 60 Second Guide To Dealing With BVI Companies
This article covers the most commonly-asked questions regarding the use of BVI companies in transactions.
British Virgin Islands
24 Jun 2016
Cayman Islands Exempted Companies: An Overview
One of the reasons why the Cayman Islands is a leading offshore jurisdiction is the flexibility of Cayman Islands companies law.
Cayman Islands
27 May 2016
Cayman Legislative Changes Demonstrate Island's Ongoing Commitment To Global Transparency
To assist global efforts to tackle tax evasion and corruption and to increase transparency, the Cayman Islands government has amended its companies law and has proposed a fundamental overhaul of its confidentiality laws.
Cayman Islands
27 May 2016
Supreme Court Of Bermuda Revisits Seldom-Relied Upon Quia Timet Jurisdiction Of The Old Courts Of Chancery
In what proved to be a late Christmas present for the board of International Investments Enterprises Ltd (IIEL), Harneys Bermuda successfully invoked the now seldom relied upon quia timet, "because he fears" jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Bermuda.
3 May 2016
Private Placements And AIFMD
AIFMD. Love it or loathe it – and let's face it, it's not the most popular law – the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) has changed the way that alternative funds are marketed to investors in Europe.
British Virgin Islands
27 Apr 2016
Restoration And Bearer Shares In The BVI
Restoring a company to good standing is one avenue by which a creditor may pursue an asset thought to have vanished.
British Virgin Islands
19 Apr 2016
BVI Financial Services Commission Recognises Overseas Stock And Commodities Exchanges
The BVI Financial Services Commission (FSC) has issued the Regulatory Code (Recognised Exchanges) Notice, 2015 (the Notice) under powers set out in the Regulatory Code, 2009 (the Code). The Notice is effective as of 15 January 2016.
British Virgin Islands
8 Feb 2016
Directors' Duties And The Proper Purpose Rule
In Eclairs Group Ltd v JKX Oil & Gas plc [2015] UKSC 71 the UK Supreme Court reviewed the law relating to directors' duties, and in particular in connection with the so-called "proper purpose" rule...
20 Dec 2015
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