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Dispute Resolution - Things To Think About Before Taking Legal Action
The London commercial courts enjoyed a record number of cases in 2018-19 with 78 countries choosing to use London for dispute resolution.
27 May 2019
Decisive Action To Protect Your Business From Security Breaches And Incidents
HR and IT professionals must be even more vigilant in protecting data that comes into the possession of the business and take even more precautions to prevent accidental and deliberate breaches.
22 May 2019
UK Businesses Must Develop Agile Strategies To Survive Brexit
As far as Brexit is concerned; at the present time the only thing that all relevant political parties involved agree on is that they cannot agree on the next course of action that should be taken.
European Union
16 May 2019
Steps To Protect Your Business From Security Breaches
HR and IT professionals must be even more vigilant in protecting data that comes into the possession of the business and take even more precautions to prevent accidental and deliberate breaches.
15 May 2019
How To Address The Potential Skills Gap Threatened By Brexit
Companies in the UK that either do business in Europe or depend on EU talent have had two years to consider the consequences of Brexit to their workforce.
30 Apr 2019
Commercial Uncertainty For The Cross-Border European Market
All across the EU businessmen and women are slamming on the brakes as the spectre of commercial uncertainty rises higher following the results of the British parliamentary vote.
European Union
5 Feb 2019
Business In Europe After Brexit
This may be easier than you think with the assistance of multi-lingual, multi-jurisdictional lawyers with offices both in the UK and your chosen UK country.
20 Dec 2018
The FCA Announce New Rules To Govern CFD And Binary Options
The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has made no secret of its concerns about binary options and CFD (contracts for difference) trading.
14 Dec 2018
Fraudulent Forex Or Binary Options Brokers Continue To Defraud The Unsuspecting, However There Is Hope Of Recovery In Some Cases
Many hundreds of people around the world are targeted each day by disreputable fraudulent brokers.
21 Nov 2018
Corporate Governance And The Wates Consultation
All large and very large private companies and unlicensed plcs will have to start preparing for the new corporate governance reporting requirements due to receive parliamentary approval.
1 Aug 2018
Will It Be Necessary To Change The Law In Contracts, Post Brexit
English law is used globally for the vast majority of commercial contracts, regardless of whether there is a direct connection to England and Wales in the deal.
16 Jul 2018
Pre-Brexit Strategies For Post-Brexit Commerce
An increasing number of British businesses are launching start-ups, opening branches or re-locating their headquarters outside the UK in preparation for the UK's break away from the European Union.
European Union
5 Feb 2018
Britain's Businesses Must Start Planning For Brexit
The think-tank Resolution Foundation commissioned a survey to clarify the preparedness of British business for the radical changes that Brexit will bring.
21 Jun 2017
Business Start-Up 2017 – How To Launch Your Business
There are many reasons why a person or group of people choose to start their own business, from a passionate belief in your new innovation, suddenly becoming unemployed, a belief that you can improve...
15 May 2017
Moving Your Business Forward With A Cross-Border Merger
During the course of 2016 there were approximately 144 mergers and acquisitions (M&As) of UK businesses by foreign companies and around 104 mergers and acquisitions by UK companies of foreign businesses.
7 Mar 2017
The Dark Side Of Binary Options: A Stark Warning To Investors
Binary options differ from more conventional options in significant ways as they are a type of options contract in which the payout will depend entirely on the outcome of a yes/no proposition.
16 Jan 2017
BREXIT And The Impact On British And European Companies
The result of the British referendum has shocked the whole world. However it must be remembered that an official withdrawal from the EU has not taken place yet.
29 Jun 2016
Debt Collection In Italy
If there is no agreement in place, then the European Central Bank interest rate, which is reviewed in January and July, increased by at least 8% points, is applied.
5 Feb 2016
Italian Debt Collection Process For English Speaking Creditors
In Italy, a debtor should pay an invoice within 30 days which is actually shorter than other EU countries (60 days). However companies in Italy do not usually follow this rule with the public sector taking up to a year to pay.
25 Jan 2016
Starting A Commercial Activity In Italy: What Are The Main Tax Consequences Of Operating Through A Corporation Or A Branch?
Limited liability companies and branches of foreign companies exercising commercial activities in Italy are subject to the same taxes and fiscal commitments.
27 Dec 2015
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