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EBA Report On The Impact Of FinTech On Payment Institutions And E-Money Institutions Business Models
In line with the priorities set out in its FinTech Roadmap, last month, the European Banking Authority (EBA) published a report on the impact of FinTech on the business of payment
20 Aug 2019
Webinar Summary: Artificial Intelligence – Getting To Grips With Basics And Legal Implications
AI touches nearly every industry and is used to solve complex problems, spot and minimize risks, improve decision-making, and develop new products.
United States
19 Aug 2019
FIG Bulletin, 9 August 2019
The FCA has published the findings of a review into how successfully the SMCR is embedded into the banking sector.
14 Aug 2019
Cryptocurrency Has Washington's Attention, But Beware Overregulation
Recent House and Senate hearings on Facebook's crypto proposal show Washington is paying close attention to regulation issues.
United States
31 Jul 2019
FIG Bulletin, 19 July 2019
The FCA has published a speech by Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive of the FCA, given at the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association's (SIFMA) LIBOR Transition Briefing in New York
25 Jul 2019
How Blockchain Might Change The Whole Fashion Industry – And Safeguard The Authenticity Of Your Goods
So far you have probably only heard of blockchain in connection with financial transactions and Bitcoins
24 Jul 2019
Hong Kong And The Cauldron Of Compliance

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

Hong Kong
12 Jul 2019
Data Protection And "Smart" Products: A New Perspective On Safety
More and more "smart" consumer products are being made available on the market by a hugely diverse range of companies. These smart products already offer remarkable functionality.
European Union
11 Jul 2019
The Development Risks Defence: How Future-Proof Is It?
Although Member states may opt to derogate from Article 7(e), it provides an important defence to producers facing product liability claims in the EU
European Union
11 Jul 2019
TMT Horizons 2019
Challengers can reach scale seemingly overnight, forcing market change at a similar speed. Established business models are upended,
10 Jul 2019
Cryptocurrencies... The Future Landscape
The first decentralised cryptocurrency was created in 2009 and many jurisdictions around the world are now starting to regulate cryptocurrency.
South Africa
3 Jul 2019
View From The Horizon: Artificial Intelligence And Cannabusiness In London
On May 16 the second edition of our new global series, Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons, took place in London featuring two panel discussions that focused on the challenges
27 Jun 2019
The End Of The Legal Silos
It's not a secret that world's economy is transitioning towards a data driven one. Although the legal sector is famous for its traditionalism and resistance to change,
25 Jun 2019
China Marches Into Cybersecurity Classified Protection 2.0
The cybersecurity classified protection regime attracted significant attention when it was included in the PRC Cyber Security Law promulgated in 2017
19 Jun 2019
European Product Liability Directive: Stay Tuned, Guidance Is Around The Corner
It's been a year since the European Commission published its Fifth Report on the application of the European Product Liability Directive and set up expert panels to develop its thinking on next policy steps.
European Union
19 Jun 2019
Investing In China's TMT Sector: What Should You Know?
Regardless of the outcome of the trade war, China is likely to further loosen restrictions on foreign investment in the TMT sector
13 Jun 2019
Insurance Horizons 2019
As a global insurance industry team, we aim to follow industry trends and developments as closely as possible in order to deliver ...
13 Jun 2019
View From The Horizon: Digital Health And Cell, Tissue, And Gene Therapies In Boston
On April 30 our new global series, Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons, kicked off in Boston with two panel discussions that focused on the challenges ...
United States
7 Jun 2019
A New Model For Obtaining Data Protection Consents: Unbundling The Proposed Amendments To China's Personal Information Security Specification
On February 1, 2019, the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee (the "Committee") issued an amended version of the GB/T 35372-2017 Information Technology
29 May 2019
Three Words That Mean So Much
What is the easiest way to locate a specific point on a map? It's a question that is increasingly vital to many sectors of the economy, from your Amazon delivery driver (or drone operator)
27 May 2019
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