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Facebook Shielded By CDA Immunity Against Federal Claims For Allowing Use Of Its Platform By Terrorists
In recent years, there have been a number of suits filed in federal courts seeking to hold social media platforms responsible for providing material support to terrorists
United States
13 Aug 2019
Ticketmaster Reaches Settlement With Ticket Broker Over Unauthorized Use Of Automated Bots
In early July, Ticketmaster reached a favorable settlement in its action against a ticket broker that was alleged to have used automated bots to purchase tickets in bulk,
United States
30 Jul 2019
Fourth Amendment Appeal Before Georgia Supreme Court Over Airbag Crash Data Could Have Implications For Autonomous Cars And Related Technologies
Today, the Georgia Supreme Court is set to hear oral argument in an appeal brought by a defendant convicted of vehicular homicide and other charges related to a fatal car crash.
United States
2 Jul 2019
Practical Law – The Journal, June/July Issue: "Supply Chain Management – Implementing Blockchain Technology"
The term blockchain refers not to a single entity or etwork, but rather to a type of technology. There are many existing and potential implementations of blockchain.
United States
2 Jul 2019
Quantum Computing In The News
Yesterday's Wall Street Journal featured a substantial article on the growth of quantum computing, and the risks and opportunities it presents
United States
11 Jun 2019
Bipartisan Facial Recognition Privacy Bill Introduced In Congress
Senators Brian Schatz (D) and Roy Blunt (R) recently introduced S.847, the "Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act of 2019," a bill that would, subject to certain important exceptions.
United States
8 Apr 2019
5 Factors Asset Managers Should Consider When Evaluating Blockchain (Video)
In this video, Jeffrey Neuburger and Jonathan Benloulou explain what factors private equity firms should consider when evaluating Blockchain for their portfolio companies.
United States
5 Feb 2019
Reflections On The Techlaw Issues Of 2018…And A Look Forward. Will 2019 Be A Year On The Edge, In The Fog, Or Maybe Just In The Cloud?
Yes, it's time for the end-of-year blog post – a look back at interesting issues of 2018 and a look forward to what we see coming down the pike in the new year.
United States
3 Jan 2019
"Cyberattack" Campaign That Purportedly Flooded YouTube Channel With "Dislikes" Not A CFAA Violation
In the case, AXTS hired GY6 to create a promotional video featuring AXTS's products on YouTube, with payment calculated based on the number of views.
United States
4 Dec 2018
Court Denies TRO Against Data Scraper That Accessed Private Database Via Registered Accounts
This decision did not analyze these factors beyond concluding that ongoing scraping was unlikely.
United States
21 Jun 2018
Blockchain As A Content Distribution Technology: Copyright Issues Abound
The enthusiasm is a little less vigorous, however, when the topic turns to the use of blockchain as a vehicle for content distribution.
United States
14 Jun 2018
Facebook Granted Dismissal Of Biometric Privacy Claims Brought By "Non-Users"
This week, the court dismissed the Gullen putative class action asserting Illinois biometric privacy claims brought by "non-users" based on evidence that the social media site did not use its facial recognition technology ...
United States
6 Apr 2018
California Court Declines To Dismiss Illinois Facial Recognition/Biometric Privacy Suit Against Facebook On Standing Grounds
This past week, a California district court again declined Facebook's motion to dismiss an ongoing litigation involving claims under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, 740 Ill.
United States
5 Mar 2018
Data Aggregator Seeks Ruling Allowing It To Scrape Public Linkedin Data
In the latest development in the legal controversy over scraping, 3taps, Inc. ("3taps"), a data aggregator and "exchange platform" for developers, filed suit against LinkedIn ...
United States
21 Feb 2018
Supply Chain Adoption Of Blockchain Continues To Gain Steam And Generates Many Legal Issues
While there has been a great deal of attention being paid lately to the use of blockchain for the issuance and investment (or speculation) in cryptocurrencies, other enterprise-based applications...
United States
7 Feb 2018
Blockchain And Quantum Computing
2018 promises great inroads in the realm of "quantum computing."
United States
8 Jan 2018
Reflections On Technology-Related Legal Issues: Looking Back At 2017; Will 2018 Be A Quantum Leap Forward?
As we approach the end of 2017, it is a time to reflect on the dizzying pace of technology evolution this year, and the amazing array of legal issues it presented.
United States
22 Dec 2017
Apple X's Face ID Feature Places Spotlight On Facial Recognition Technology, Raising Numerous Mobile Privacy And Data Usage Issues
This week's Apple X announcement was not more than a few hours old, and the questions began to come in.
United States
21 Sep 2017
Apple X's Face ID Feature Places Spotlight On Facial Recognition Technology, Raising Numerous Mobile Privacy And Data Usage Issues
This week's Apple X announcement was not more than a few hours old, and the questions began to come in. Apple's introduction of Face ID facial recognition on its new phone...
United States
19 Sep 2017
Arizona Passes Groundbreaking Blockchain And Smart Contract Law – State Blockchain Laws On The Rise
The blockchain or "distributed ledger network" was originally conceived as the peer-to-peer technology platform that allows for the transfer of Bitcoin without the need for a trusted intermediary.
United States
24 Apr 2017
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