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The Case of the Vanishing Twitter Account and CFAA Liability
Last week, an unknown Twitter contractor briefly suspended President Trump's Twitter account. The episode lasted 11 minutes. On its face, it may seem like a relatively small matter, but existing law could make a federal case out of it.
United States
6 Nov 2017
Lessons From The Equifax Breach
As data breaches go, they don't get much bigger than this.
United States
20 Sep 2017
Equifax's Bad News: 3 Takeaways
The breach was reportedly detected on July 29th, though it was made public on September 7 after the underlying issue was remedies. Breaches are not uncommon – rival Experian suffered a much smaller one last year – but the magnitude of this one, combined with the loss of Social Security numbers sets the it apart.
United States
11 Sep 2017
9 Months And Counting: 10 Things You Need To Be Doing Tomorrow To Prepare For GDPR
The European Union's General Data Protection (GDPR) is now 9 months away.
European Union
6 Sep 2017
The Instance of the Revealing Envelope: HIPAA Confidentiality Obligations Extend Beyond Electronic Systems
Violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) generally involve computer breaches or procedural snafus. But a recent incident involving a mailing by insurer Aetna illustrates that HIPAA obligations are equally applicable to paper communication.
United States
29 Aug 2017
Court Rules That First Amendment Limits, But Does Not Nullify, Public Officials' Ability To Block Online Critics
In Packingham v. North Carolina, 137 S. Ct. 1730, 1735 (U.S. 2017) the Supreme Court of the United States held that N.C.G.S. § 14-202.5, a North Carolina statute that barred registered sex offenders from websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn was unconstitutional.
United States
9 Aug 2017
An American Tech Company In King Brussels' Court: A Cautionary Tale
This posture should be particularly concerning for US-based companies who process the personal data of EU residents.
United States
6 Jul 2017
Ten Months And Counting: Five Things Your IT Department Needs To Know To Prepare For GDPR
The GDPR is an intricate regime that will potentially require affected companies to make both technological and procedural adjustments.
European Union
27 Jun 2017
Social Media and the First Amendment: Is There a First Amendment Right To Facebook?
The Supreme Court of the United States will shortly hand down an opinion in Packingham v. North Carolina. NC Privacy Blog has previously discussed this case, which negotiates the tension between free speech rights and the need to protect children from sex offenders.
United States
5 Jun 2017
The WannaCry Affair: Three Cyberinsurance Related Tips for Clients
As we previously noted, a recent ransomware attack crippled over 75,000 computers in over a 100 countries. The "WannaCry" appears to be the largest Ransomware attack to date. However, cyber-experts are already warning of a second, bigger, wave.
United States
17 May 2017
Wave ​of Ransomware Attacks Cripples Dozens of Institutions Worldwide including U.K.'s NHS
Movie buffs are familiar with a favored narrative arc: something with tremendous power, such as the Ebola virus, escapes from its clinical confines and proceeds to wreak havoc on the world. (It also works with aliens, ghosts, and supervillains). A digital variant of this trope appears to be playing out in a global tsunami of ransomware attacks.
United States
13 May 2017
First HIPAA Settlement Involving Wireless Health Services Provider
We have previously written that the Internet of Things continues to spawn new cybersecurity and privacy concerns.
United States
2 May 2017
The Tax Man Cometh For Bitcoin
A federal judge recently ruled that America's largest Bitcoin service was obligated to provide the Internal Revenue Service with extensive transactional records concerning the financial transactions of its members.
United States
27 Mar 2017
Am I Covered Now!
The cybersecurity breaches rippling through the global economy create enormous costs for the affected businesses and organizations.
United States
20 Mar 2017
The Empire (State) Strikes Back: Six Highlights of New York's New Cybersecurity regulations for Financial Institutions
The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS)'s finalized Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies ("regulations"), went into effect on March 1, 2017.
United States
9 Mar 2017
Cybersecurity Threats: What Retirement Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries Need to Know – and Do
The loss of employee personal information due to a cyber breach is an ever-increasing concern to all employers.
United States
8 Mar 2017
No, A Little Noticed Executive Order Did Not Kill Privacy Shield
We have previously noted that the the U.S.-E.U. Privacy Shield data transfer may not be dead, but it is ailing.
21 Feb 2017
Blame Hollywood: A Conversation With Stewart Baker, Former General Counsel Of The National Security Agency
Editor's Note: In the world of cyber law, privacy and cybersecurity, one of the largest and most colorful figures is Stewart Baker, whose resume includes a stint as General Counsel at the National Security Agency and Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.
United States
30 Jan 2017
Tracking The Data Bandits
In the iconic western, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Butch and Sundance are hard pressed to evade a posse led by the semi-mythical lawman, Joe Lefors, who is so adept...
United States
25 Jan 2017
Six Months In, Privacy Shield Is Battered But Holding: Three Notable Developments In U.S-E.U. Data Transfers
Thus, the EU permits data collection, but regulates it much more tightly than the United States, which is content with its piece-meal approach.
21 Dec 2016
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