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Portland Attorneys Discuss The Recent Rise Of Unions
In his byline article for Cyber Defense eMagazine titled "Employers Catch One-Year Break on Impending California Privacy Law
United States
10 Oct 2019
Managed By Robots: Dystopian Fate Or Utopian Fantasy?
These days, technology occupies nearly every part of our lives.
United States
3 Sep 2019
California Employers Should Closely Monitor These Six Critical Bills
In his bylined article for The Recorder titled "Legislative Six-Pack: California Employers Should Closely Monitor These Six Critical Bills,"
United States
30 Aug 2019
New York Expands The Data Breach Umbrella: More Cybersecurity Incidents Will Require Breach Compliance From Businesses Who Possess Private Information For New York Residents
On July 25, 2019, New York Governor Anthony Cuomo signed the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act (SHIELD Act) into law.
United States
26 Aug 2019
Employers May Catch Temporary Break On Impending California Privacy Law
Thanks to recent negotiations among state lawmakers, it appears that California employers may get a temporary reprieve on some of the more sweeping data privacy requirements.
United States
23 Jul 2019
Security Breaches In Schools: 10 Steps To Protect Your Information
California's San Diego Unified School District recently disclosed that it had sustained a data breach when multiple phishing emails from malicious hackers were used to gather login information o
United States
25 Jun 2019
What Employers Should Know About Privacy And Workplace Health Programs
In just the past couple of decades, we've gone from desktop computers and mobile phones to laptops and smartphones. While technology has certainly changed the way we live, it has also changed the way we work.
United States
6 Jun 2019
Strict Privacy And Data Security Bill Introduced In North Carolina
Early last year, I posted about tougher, bi-partisan privacy and data security legislation in the works in North Carolina.
United States
28 May 2019
Biometric Information Rulings – And Why Employers Should Take Note
In early 2019, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in Rosenbach v. Six Flags Entertainment Corporation and provided plaintiffs and their attorneys new weapons ...
United States
28 May 2019
State Supreme Court Sets High Bar On Handling Of Biometric Information, Writes Fisher Phillips Attorney
The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act is the most stringent biometrics privacy law in the country
United States
6 May 2019
New Jersey's Anticipated Expansion Of Data Breach & Privacy Laws
An amendment to New Jersey's data breach notification requirements of the Consumer Fraud Act is currently awaiting signature by State Governor Phil Murphy.
United States
25 Mar 2019
Late Night Shocker: EEO-1 Once Again Poised To Gather Pay Data Information
A federal judge in Washington D.C. sent shockwaves through the employment law community late last night by reinstating a revised version of the EEO-1 report,
United States
14 Mar 2019
San Diego Attorney Offers Workplace Law Predictions For 2019
In her bylined article for the San Diego Daily Transcript titled "Five workplace law predictions for 2019," Darcey Groden previews five workplace law issues that employers can expect in 20
United States
20 Feb 2019
Illinois Supreme Court Ruling: Biometric Privacy Law Only Requires Violation, Not Actual Harm
On January 25, 2019, the Illinois State Supreme Court ruled that the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA)
United States
12 Feb 2019
Workplace Law Predictions For 2019
The past year has seen quite a few changes in labor and employment law.
United States
6 Feb 2019
Don't Take The Bait! "Spear Phishing" And "Whaling" Take Scams To The Next Level
For several years now, we've been alerting employers about the dangers of phishing scams that attempt to obtain private and personal information from employers.
United States
1 Feb 2019
Illinois Supreme Court Clears Path For More Biometric Data Privacy Lawsuits
The Illinois Supreme Court today made it far easier for workers to bring suit against their employers for technical violations of the state's biometric information privacy statute
United States
31 Jan 2019
Learn From Lyft—How To Ward Off The Rising Number Of Background Check Class Actions
Companies are increasingly faced with class actions for alleged violations of one of the "big three" —the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) ...
United States
28 Dec 2018
Top 50 Workplace Law Stories Of 2018
It's hard to keep up with the news these days. It sometimes feels like you can't step away from your phone, computer, or TV for more than an hour ...
United States
6 Dec 2018
October 2018: The Top 14 Labor And Employment Law Stories
It's hard to keep up with all the recent changes to labor and employment law. While the law always seems to evolve at a rapid pace, there have been an unprecedented number of changes for the past few years ...
United States
8 Nov 2018
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