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Distressed Debt Investing And Loan To Own Strategies
Partner Caroline Moran and of Counsel Nick Herrod look at the circumstances in which utilising Cayman Islands debt restructuring proceedings can maximise value for distressed debt investors
Cayman Islands
7 Nov 2018
Officeholder Independence In Cayman Islands Debt Restructurings
In appointing restructuring provisional liquidators ("RPLs") to the Cayman Islands incorporated company, CW Group Holdings Limited ("CW")
Cayman Islands
10 Sep 2018
Amended and Consolidated Cayman Islands Insolvency and Restructuring Rules
Consolidated and amended insolvency and restructuring rules and regulations come into force in the Cayman Islands on 1 February 2018 (the "Amended Rules").
Cayman Islands
27 Dec 2017
Ocean Rig, cross-border restructuring and Cayman Islands schemes
In this article Caroline Moran and Nick Herrod, who acted for the successful scheme of companies, discuss the Ocean Rig restructuring of US$3.7 billion in New York law governed debt, the largest ever Cayman Islands restructuring.
Cayman Islands
27 Dec 2017
The Cayman Islands As A Restructuring Centre: Ocean Rig Opens The Door
Daniel Bayfield QC and NIck Herrod, primarily through the lens of the Ocean Rig restructuring, but also with reference to the CHC case, explore the circumstances in which the Cayman Islands...
Cayman Islands
22 Nov 2017
Maples Drives Largest Ever Cayman Islands Cross Border Restructuring
Maples and Calder advised Ocean Rig UDW and three of its subsidiaries in relation to the complex, cutting edge and successful restructuring of US$3.7 billion of financial indebtedness.
Cayman Islands
19 Oct 2017
Cross-Border Restructurings - Ocean Rig Schemes Sanctioned
In a ground-breaking decision for the Cayman Islands as a restructuring centre, the Cayman Islands court has handed down judgment sanctioning four highly complex inter-linked schemes of arrangement.
Cayman Islands
21 Sep 2017
Obtaining A Moratorium In Support Of A Cayman Islands Restructuring
In CHC Group Ltd ("CHC") the Cayman Islands Grand Court has determined that, in certain circumstances...
Cayman Islands
17 Mar 2017
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