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10 Tips For Reducing The Expenses Of Getting A Divorce
Litigation of any kind can be expensive, and a divorce is no exception. The good news is that there are many ways that you can help control the expense. Here are 10 tips for reducing the expenses
United States
20 Aug 2019
How Will The Court Determine The Parenting Time For The Minor Child?
It is the policy of the State of Arizona that, absent contrary evidence, the child should have "substantial, frequent, meaningful and continuing parenting time with both parents.
United States
7 Aug 2019
Considering The Child's Preference And Primary Care Provider In A Custody Case
Two questions that often get asked in custody cases are what weight does the child's preference have in a custody case, and how can I demonstrate to the judge that I have been the primary care
United States
22 Jul 2019
Divorce Speech. Understanding The Terminology.
You have just come from your lawyer's office and now wonder whether you really understood everything that was being said
United States
15 Jul 2019
6 Factors To Consider When Deciding Relocation In Child Custody Cases
While having two parents who live not only in the same state, but within a reasonable driving distance from each other is ideal, this may not always be possible.
United States
14 Jun 2019
When Can My Child Decide Who They Will Live With?
If you live in Arizona, the answer is when they turn 18. While some states allow children of a certain age to decide who they wish to live with, Arizona does not allow for a child to make the decision
United States
6 May 2019
Eleven Factors To Help A Court Determine Parenting Time Based Upon The Best Interest Of The Child
You may have heard that the best interest of the minor child is used to determine parenting time for a minor child, but what does it mean to say that a court will make the decision based on the "best interest" of the child?
United States
10 Apr 2019
How Will A Court Determine Who Can Make Decisions Concerning The Children After Divorce?
You may have heard the word "Custody" or "Legal Custody" used in connection with a parent's right to make decisions concerning education, medical decisions and religion.
United States
19 Mar 2019
Who Decides Who Gets To Live In The House While We Go Through The Divorce?
Papers are filed, the dissolution action is pending before the Court, and you may think you are on your way to living separate and apart from the other person for the rest of your lives.
United States
4 Mar 2019
What To Expect When Mediating Your Divorce Case
Many times the thought of going to court to resolve issues pending in your divorce is frightening.
United States
21 Feb 2019
Eight Tips For Preparing For Your Divorce Mediation
Mediating your divorce action is an opportunity to try and settle your case without going to trial. However, to be successful, you must be well prepared for the mediation.
United States
21 Nov 2018
Resolving Your Divorce Action By Mediation
At some point during the course of your divorce, you will likely want to consider whether there is a better way to resolve the issues between you and your spouse without going to trial.
United States
8 Nov 2018
Can One Lawyer Represent Both Parties In A Divorce?
It is not uncommon to think that because you and your spouse are amicable, that it would be much easier
United States
22 Oct 2018
Preparing For The Divorce Consultation.
You may be thinking about the possibility of filing for a divorce, or perhaps your spouse has already filed for a divorce, and you have made an appointment to consult with a lawyer.
United States
3 Oct 2018
How To Keep Costs Down In Your Divorce Action.
Anytime you make a major investment, you want to know what the cost is going to be and what you are getting for your money. Investing in quality legal representation for your divorce is no different.
United States
26 Sep 2018
How To Recognize What You Cannot Control In The Divorce Process
Going through the divorce process can be frustrating, especially when you feel like the other side is taking positions or engaging in behaviors that fuel rather than resolve current issues.
United States
17 Sep 2018
How To Avoid Frustration Over The "Disneyland Parent's" Behavior
Feelings of guilt, competition, or remorse sometimes lead a parent to be tempted to spend parenting time in trips to the toy store and special activities.
United States
5 Apr 2018
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