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Endossement frauduleux et vol d'identité : la Cour d'appel détermine qui de deux parties innocentes doit subir la perte liée à l'encaissement d'un chèque par un fraudeur
Dans Gescoro inc. c. Rémillard, la Cour d'appel du Québec s'est prononcée sur la question suivante : qui, entre deux parties innocentes, doit subir la perte liée à un chèque fait à l'ordre d'une personne ayant usurpé l'identité d'autrui?
30 Jul 2019
AML Enforcement In Canada: Budget 2019 Targets Financial Crime And Trade-Based Money Laundering
The 2019 federal budget introduced several proposed changes to Canada's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regime to make it easier to investigate suspected money-laundering, share information among government entities...
2 May 2019
Ignorance May Not Be Bliss, But It Can Be Beneficial: Evidence Of The Conduct Of A Judgment Creditor Can Be Used In Certain Circumstances To Engage Section 178(1)(D) Of The Bankruptcy And Insolvency Act
The Defendant was a dentist who had executed a personal guarantee on July 7, 2011 in favour of the Plaintiff (the "Bank") in order to secure payment of the indebtedness of the Defendant's professional
11 Apr 2019
Anti-Money Laundering And Fraud In Canada
Canada's money laundering, terrorism financing and fraud laws are highly developed.
17 Jan 2019
Recent OSC Settlement Highlights Importance Of Carefully Considering Foreign Corruption Risk
On December 18, 2018, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) approved a settlement with Katanga Mining Ltd. (Katanga) in relation to misleading disclosure.
3 Jan 2019
Supreme Court Clarifies Process For Challenging Production Orders
Production orders under the Criminal Code are powerful investigative tools used by law enforcement to compel documents from organizations that are not themselves under investigation.
10 Dec 2018
Enhanced Fact-Finding Powers Used To Grant Summary Judgment In Fraud Claim
In a September 4, 2018 decision, Justice Sally Gomery used enhanced fact-finding powers under Rule 20 of the Rules of Civil Procedure to grant summary judgment in a fraud claim, despite the existence of...
4 Oct 2018
Deferred Prosecution Agreements Are Coming To Canada
​On September 19, 2018, deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) will become available to resolve corporate offences in Canada under the Criminal Code and the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.
20 Sep 2018
Can Incriminating Evidence From An Administrative Investigation Be Used In A Foreign Jurisdiction?
In Mallat c. Autorité des marchés financiers de France, Justice Carol Cohen of the Superior Court of Quebec clarified how foreign authorities can obtain the help of Quebec's financial regulator ...
11 Sep 2018
Reminder: Litigants Should Withdraw Unfounded Allegations Of Fraud – And Do It Early – Or Risk Cost Consequences
The recent decision of 0932053 B.C. Ltd. v. TBM Holdco Ltd., ("TBM Holdco") serves as a caution to litigants advancing unfounded allegations of fraud to abandon these claims well in advance...
11 Jul 2018
Ontario Court Of Appeal Rejects Insurer's Interpretation Of Exclusion Clause In Mortgage Insurance Policy
He made a claim for his loss under a mortgage insurance policy which he purchased from Stewart Title Guaranty Company
18 Apr 2018
Mareva And Anton Piller Preservation Orders In Canada (BLG Partner David Crerar Authors Canadian Guide On Mareva And Anton Piller Preservation Orders In Canada)
BLG is pleased to announce that David Crerar, Partner and National Leader of the Firm's Defamation and Media Law Group, recently authored the book Mareva and Anton Piller...
6 Mar 2018
Motion To Set Aside Two Ex Parte Orders Dismissed: Noreast Electronics Co. Ltd. v. Danis
​In June, an Anton Piller order ("APO") and Mareva injunctions ("Mareva") were obtained by Noreast Electronics Co. Ltd. ("Noreast"), an Ontario based electronics company ...
12 Feb 2018
In The Know On Knowing Assistance: The Ontario Court Of Appeal's Decision In DBDC Spadina Ltd. v Walton
The case involved a complex multi-million dollar commercial real estate fraud.
7 Feb 2018
Race To Judgment: Mareva Injunctions Do Not Give A Proprietary Interest In Affected Assets
The motion judge held that the Mareva injunction did not give Trade Capital a proprietary interest in the funds, and the Court of Appeal agreed.
30 Jan 2018
"Forced Labour" Case To Go To Trial
The defendant Nevsun Resources Inc. ("Nevsun") is a B.C. mining company that entered into a joint venture with Eritrean state companies to develop and operate the Bisha gold mine near Asmara, Eritrea.
8 Dec 2017
Former CEO Of Mount Real Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Ponzi Scheme
In September, Lino Matteo, the former CEO of Mount Real Corp., was found guilty of 270 violations of Quebec's Securities Act for his role in the Mount Real Ponzi scheme.
29 Nov 2017
Facilitation Or "Grease" Payments Now Illegal Under Canadian Anti-Corruption Law
Facilitation or "grease" payments are essentially payments or small bribes paid to a foreign public official in order to expedite or secure performance by that official of any act of a routine nature...
2 Nov 2017
OSC HoldsTthat Sino-Forest Engaged In Deceitful Or Dishonest Conduct
In a recent 300 page decision, the OSC concluded that Sino-Forest engaged in deceitful and dishonest conduct in relation to the disclosure of its assets and revenues.
17 Aug 2017
Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Landmark Karigar Corruption Conviction
The first conviction of an individual entered pursuant to Canada's Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act​ has been unanimously upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal in R. v. Karigar​.
8 Aug 2017
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