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Cybercrime Legislation On South Africa's Horizon: Is Your Organisation Ready?
The implementation of cybercrime legislation is a pressing issue given that South Africa has one of the highest numbers of cybercrime victims in the world.
South Africa
6 Mar 2019
The Decriminalisation Of Private Cannabis Possession And Use And The Workplace
In the recent decision in the consolidated matter of Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and Others v Prince; National Director of Public Prosecutions and Others v Rubin; ...
South Africa
9 Oct 2018
New International Standard A Key Feature In ENSafrica's Latest Anti-Bribery And Corruption Survey
This new standard is invaluable as it allows organisations to understand the measures that need to be implemented in order to develop an effective anti-bribery management programme.
13 Apr 2018
Stifling Uganda's Secondary Bond Market: The Case Of David Chandi Jamwa
The recent decision of the Ugandan Court of Appeal to uphold a 12-year custodial sentence against a former managing director of the NSSF has sparked much debate among finance and legal professionals.
7 Mar 2018
FSB Victory In Market Abuse Case
The Supreme Court of Appeal handed down judgment today, 28 September 2017, in the matter of Pather v Financial Services Board.
South Africa
11 Oct 2017
ENSafrica's 2016 Anti-Bribery And Corruption Survey Results Overview
This could in turn expose companies and senior management to significant legal liability.
South Africa
26 Sep 2016
New B-BBEE Regulations Demand Greater Transparency And Scrutiny
A person found guilty of a fronting practice could face a fine and/or a prison sentence of up to 10 years.
South Africa
9 Aug 2016
Beneficial Lessons From The Chinese Anti-Corruption Campaign For The African Investment Environment
It is well known that since new leadership was voted into government following the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it has taken the world by storm in terms of its anti-corruption campaign.
South Africa
16 Oct 2015
ENSafrica's 2015 Anti-Bribery And Corruption Survey Results
Incidents of bribery have increased, but so has general awareness of anti-bribery compliance among organisations: these were some of the high-level findings of a recent survey conducted by ENSafrica.
South Africa
28 Jul 2015
When Is A Working Place At A Mine, Healthy And Safe, As Far As Reasonably Practicable?
Employers of mines are responsible to ensure that working places of employees are healthy and safe, as far as reasonably practicable.
South Africa
10 Feb 2015
Fraud Perpetrated By The Change Of Banking Details
Fraud can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands if not millions of Rands if not detected early enough.
South Africa
19 Jun 2014
Case Review: Multichoice (Pty) Ltd And Others v The National Prosecuting Authority And Oscar Leonard Pistorius
An application was brought before the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, Pretoria for the right to record and broadcast the proceedings of the criminal trial of local and international sports icon, Oscar Pistorius.
South Africa
7 Mar 2014
What You Don't Know Can Harm You
Research has shown in excess of 80% of serious frauds committed against an organisation are perpetrated by an employee, either alone or in collusion with other employees.
South Africa
14 Jun 2013
Can SARS Customs Enter Premises Without A Warrant?
A discussion on a recent case, where SARS suspected the defendant for having had fraudulently manipulated invoices so as to pay less duty, thereby committing various offences under the Customs and Excise Act.
South Africa
29 Apr 2013
You may well have read some of the stats: the global trade in counterfeit goods comes to some US$600 billion per annum; this trade in counterfeit goods represents 5 -7% of world trade; counterfeiting has grown some 10 000% over the past two decades.
South Africa
12 Dec 2012
South Africa Introduces Aggressive New Anti-Corruption Measures
Corruption in South Africa has reached staggering proportions. Daily newspapers are rife with reports of widespread corruption in both the public and private sectors.
South Africa
30 Nov 2012
Alleged Illicit Liquor Dealer To Face Court
AN ALLEGED kingpin in the illicit liquor trade is expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court today as the South African Revenue Service (SARS) clamps down on traders who evade paying duty on alcohol.
South Africa
27 Nov 2012
UK Bribery Act: Serious Fraud Office Publishes Revised Policies For Facilitation Payments, Business Expenditure And Corporate Self-Reporting
UK Bribery Act: Serious Fraud Office publishes revised policies for facilitation payments, business expenditure and corporate self-reporting.
6 Nov 2012
UK Bribery Laws To Impact SA
South African companies that have operations in the UK or the US that fail to comply with anti-corruption legislation could be on the receiving end of devastating fines or even incarceration of key stakeholders.
South Africa
11 Oct 2012
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