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Amendments Bring Overall Relief To System Charges
The Austrian regulatory authority E-Control is responsible for ensuring an equal energy market and a fair market price.
24 May 2019
Electric Vehicles Exempt From Emissions-Reducing Speed Limits
The transport sector is especially important for reducing worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants.
10 Apr 2019
New Gas Market Act - Croatian Gas Market Reform Continues In 2018
The new Gas Market Act came into force on 3 March 2018, with the primary aim of regulating the rights and obligations of participants in the Croatian gas market pursuant to the Third Gas Directive (2009/73/EC).
20 Mar 2018
Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017: Recent Developments
Nearly all ingredients in cosmetic products are regulated as industrial chemicals under the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 (Cth) (the IC(NA) Act).
3 Oct 2017
New Rules For Mismatched Unbundled Capacities At Interconnection Points
The Gas Market Model Ordinance 2012 introduced a new gas market model in Austria.
4 Sep 2017
Renewable Energy: Amendment Of The Austrian Green Electricity Act Doubles Funding
After four months of negotiations, the Austrian National Council has finally reached an agreement on the amendment of the Green Electricity Act ("÷kostromnovelle").
6 Jul 2017
First Successful Investment Treaty Claim Over Subsidy Cuts To Renewable Energy Investments
Since 2013, several investment treaty claims have been filed in the field of renewable energy against European member states based upon alleged breach of the Energy Charter Treaty.
24 May 2017
Government Bill For Amending The Promotion Scheme For Green Electricity. Hope For New Investments, But Not Yet An Ideal Solution.
As a result of the strong decrease in electricity market pricing, green electricity plant projects cannot find a place in special promotion quotas.
15 Feb 2017
Court Rules On Rights In Environmental Impact Assessment
If there are two or more conflicting water use projects (eg, hydroelectric power stations), the Water Act provides for a special conflict procedure.
20 Jan 2017
European Commission Releases "Clean Energy Package"
On 30 November 2016 the European Commission published its "Winter Package" containing proposals for new rules for a consumer-centered clean energy transition.
European Union
22 Dec 2016
Is A Closed Pumping System A Hydroelectric Power Plant?
The Koralm pumped storage hydroelectric power plant will be constructed in Styria, Austria. With a bottleneck output of about 1 gigawatt, it will be one of the most powerful hydropower plants in Austria.
27 Oct 2016
Amendments To Gas Market Model Ordinance
The Gas Market Model Ordinance plays a major role in the Austrian gas market, as it regulates network access and the capacity management and balancing system in Austria's three market areas: the east, Tyrol and Vorarlberg.
22 Sep 2016
Implementation Of The Water Framework Directive
What remains of the "class theory" following the ECJ's 1 July 2015 (C-461/13) ruling with regard to the "no-deterioration" clause?
3 Jul 2015
Amendments To Chemicals Act And Biocidal Products Act
On March 5 2015 Austria's agriculture, forestry, environment and water economics minister presented a draft law to amend the Chemicals Act and the Biocidal Products Act.
20 May 2015
ECJ Rules On Exploratory Drilling For Natural Gas And Mineral Oil
In August 2011 the Ministry of Economy authorised the Austrian crude oil exploration company RohŲl-Aufsuchung AG to undertake exploratory drilling for natural gas and mineral oil within the Austrian municipality of StraŖwalchen.
European Union
28 Apr 2015
TSO Certification Proceedings Reveal Austrian Gas Law's Possible Non-Compliance With EU Gas Directive
The Austrian energy regulatory authority released its affirmative decision in relation to the certification of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH as a transmission system operator for gas.
4 Sep 2014
ECJ Confirms That Purely National Promotion Of Green Electricity Does Not Necessarily Violate EU Law
The ECJ ruled that individual EU Member States are allowed to establish renewable energy support schemes.
European Union
3 Jul 2014
The Future Of European Energy And Climate Policy Beyond 2020
The long-awaited white paper of the Commission on climate, renewable energy, and energy efficiency going forward beyond 2020 was released on 22 January 2014 (the Communication).
European Union
6 Feb 2014
Energy Capacity Markets
The increased capacities of intermittent renewable sources of energy have subsequently amplified the need for more back up reserves and flexibility available in a system.
European Union
28 Jan 2014
Commission Issues A Communication And Recommendations On Shale Gas Exploration And Production
On 22 January 2014, the European Commission has issued a Communication on the exploration and production of hydrocarbons using high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the EU (the Communication) and Recommendations on minimum principles for the exploration and production of such hydrocarbons (the Recommendations).
European Union
28 Jan 2014
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