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Ship Leasing: Does Loss Of Class Entitle Owners To Terminate?
Reported cases involving bareboat charters are rare. The recent English Court of Appeal decision in Ark Shipping Company LLC v. Silverburn Shipping (IOM) Ltd [2019] EWCA Civ 1161 (The "Arctic" )
Hong Kong
22 Aug 2019
The Greater Bay Area: A Marine And Trade Perspective
The Greater Bay Area ("GBA") is China's ambitious plan to integrate Hong Kong and Macau with nine urban areas in the neighbouring province of Guangdong.
Hong Kong
12 Jun 2019
Hong Kong
5 Feb 2019
Picking The Right Jurisdiction To Capitalise On Asia's Aviation Finance Boom
The aviation finance industry continues to expand across Asia, driven by booming air travel in China, India and other regional markets, causing a growing number of aircraft lessors to look at setting up operations...
Hong Kong
6 Dec 2018
Is Hong Kong Destined To Be The Major Ship Finance Centre In Asia?
It is well known that since the global financial crisis of 2008-09 and the ensuing recession, the shipping industry has suffered heavily from overcapacity of ships and insufficient demand for cargoes, leading to downward pressure on vessel values and earnings.
Hong Kong
27 Jul 2018
Good News In Store For Hong Kong's Maritime Industry In The Second Half Of 2018
On 1 July 2018, Hong Kong celebrated the 21st anniversary of the end of British colonial rule and its return to the Motherland's embrace.
Hong Kong
18 Jul 2018
Drone Regulation in Hong Kong
There is no universally accepted definition of Drones but the term covers aircraft that are either controlled autonomously or by computers or by remote pilots.
Hong Kong
1 May 2018
PCPD Reiterates Privacy Issues Relating To Drones
On December 4, 2017, PCPD noted the issues of personal data privacy arising from the use of drones. PCPD cautioned that the use of drones should comply with the requirements of the Personal Data ...
Hong Kong
14 Mar 2018
Limitation Of Liability In Hong Kong: Breaking News, October 2017
On 4 December 2017, Hong Kong will apply the International Maritime Organisation's latest amendment to the limits of liability under the 1996 Protocol to the Convention on Limitation of Liability...
Hong Kong
30 Oct 2017
Marine Coffee Corner - Swan Song For Smaller Claims?
It is not uncommon we see small to medium size cargo claims coming before the Hong Kong High Court, notwithstanding our District Court seizes jurisdiction on claims up to HKD1 million.
Hong Kong
8 Sep 2017
Why A Hanjin Fleet Came To Hong Kong
The demise of Korea's Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. was the largest bankruptcy of a container line in history, and earlier this year it resulted in the biggest ever court sale of ships in Hong Kong...
Hong Kong
7 Sep 2017
New Legislative Changes Make Hong Kong And Singapore More Competitive In The Aircraft Leasing Business
Hong Kong and Singapore introduced new legislation to offer competitive tax advantages to the aircraft leasing business.
Hong Kong
1 Jun 2017
Hong Kong Insurance Sector Looks To Its Future In New Report
On 3 March 2017, the Financial Services Development Council (the "Council") issued an important report, titled: "Turning Crisis into Opportunities: Hong Kong as an Insurance Hub with Development Focuses on Reinsurance, Marine and Captive" (the "Report").
Hong Kong
26 Apr 2017
Hanjin Shipping - Current Jurisdictional Status And Options - Hong Kong
Hong Kong has not adopted into domestic legislation the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross Border Insolvency.
Hong Kong
7 Oct 2016
P&I Priority Over A Ship Mortgage: Meet The New Crew Claimants
Amendments to the Maritime Labour Convention designed to address crew abandonment will shortly come into force.
Hong Kong
9 Sep 2016
OW Bunker A Global Overview: Hong Kong
The RES COGITANS decision is, strictly speaking, not binding on the Hong Kong Courts, but it is likely to have persuasive effect. The RES COGITANS decision is, strictly speaking, not binding on the Hong Kong Courts...
Hong Kong
2 Aug 2016
PCPD Publishes New Guidance On Responsible Use Of Drones
The guidelines state that any intrusion on privacy caused by drones must be proportional to the benefit derived from their use.
Hong Kong
1 Jul 2015
Can A Company Be Wound Up In Hong Kong If The Relevant Contract Contains An Arbitration Clause?
Given the nature of their businesses, shipping companies may be involved as respondents in arbitration proceedings in different jurisdictions.
Hong Kong
28 May 2015
Paper Planes: The Financing Of Aircraft Pre-Delivery Payments
There has been a notable upsurge – or, rather, resurge – in commercial aircraft pre-delivery payment ("PDP") financing over the past 12 to 18 months.
Hong Kong
24 Mar 2015
Collisions And Reserve Ships: Liner Operators Beware!
The quantification of damages for the loss of use of a ship damaged in collision where her owner maintains and substitutes a reserve ship for his damaged ship came up for determination.
Hong Kong
13 Nov 2014
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