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Taking Security Over Shares In A Cayman Islands Company
This Guide discusses the Cayman Islands law requirements when taking security over shares in a Cayman Islands exempted company (a company).
Cayman Islands
23 Mar 2017
Sky's The Limit: Cape Town Convention Extension To Cayman Imminent
Once extended to Cayman, the Cape Town Convention will directly apply to that jurisdiction, with Cayman gaining the status of a territorial unit of a Convention State.
Cayman Islands
16 Jun 2015
How To Ensure Creditor Protection In Cyprus
This article outlines the many ways in which under Cypriot law businesses can protect their interests in their commercial dealings.
25 Mar 2015
Creating And Registering Security Interests Over Assets In A BVI BC
Entering into security financing transactions with BVI Business Companies (BCs) is a familiar part of the global financial services landscape.
British Virgin Islands
30 Jul 2014
Alfa v Cukurova, Part VII
Like a low budget horror film, the "Alfa v Cukurova" litigation seems to have an inexhaustible supply of sequels.
British Virgin Islands
21 Feb 2013
A Year Of SIBA
The Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 ("SIBA") came into force in May 2010. It heralded the biggest change to the BVI investment funds legislative framework since the Mutual Funds Act, 1996 came into force.
British Virgin Islands
25 Jul 2011
BVI Securities and Investment Business Bill 2010 receives its first reading
The long-awaited Securities and Investment Business Bill, 2010 (commonly referred to as "SIBA") received its first reading by the BVI House of Assembly on 18 March 2010. This follows public consultation in Summer 2009.
British Virgin Islands
19 Apr 2010
Appropriation Of Shares In BVI Companies Under English Law Share Mortgages
On 22 April 2008 the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal handed down its decision in Alfa Telecom Turkey Limited v Cukurova Finance International Limited, reversing the original decision of the British Virgin Islands High Court.
British Virgin Islands
30 Apr 2008
Guide to the New BVI Business Companies Act, 2004
Since its enactment 20 years ago, the BVIís International Business Companies Act (Cap. 291) (the "IBC Act") has become one of the most widely-used corporate statutes with over six hundred thousand IBCs incorporated under it. Notwithstanding such phenomenal success, practitioners and users have for some time been calling for amendments to the IBC Act as well as for an additional and more flexible range of corporate vehicles, and its twentieth anniversary marked an appropriate occasion f
British Virgin Islands
28 Jan 2005
Re Section 82 of the IBC Act and US Securities Act
Harneys has recently acted for a client in a successful court approved arrangement under section 82 of the International Business Companies Act (Cap. 291) (the "Act"). Importantly the arrangement offered significant benefits to a client with a complex corporate transaction that it wished to put in place. The primary benefit in this case was the ability to seek exemption of exchanged securities from registration under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act&q
British Virgin Islands
8 Jun 2004
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